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Friday 29 November 2013

100 models an Inquisitor & friends

Next up in my 100 models in a 100 days is Solomon Lok & some henchmen.
These are not part of his retinue as Lok comes with certain things in his retinue which I'm still working on.
Now I know I could just use IG's for henchmen but where the fun in that ?
Plus if your playing IG's a longside these fellows this is a in a good way of knowing who is who.
Another great thing about doing models like this is I can get to use them in different way plus I just love the way these's guys look.
As NPC in INQ28 or chaos cultists these guys will be handy.
One thing I always try to do is have my armies different so that even if someone else is using the same things as me it will always look different.
This lot brings me up to 43 models done so so I'm nearly at my target of 50.
I will of course keep going beyond that number should I get a chance but as Xmas gets nearer time for modelling will most likely get less.
Thanks for dropping in & please call again.


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