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Thursday, 5 December 2013

One hunderd not out

This is my 100th post believe it or not & I've got to say I'm amazed I reach this mile stone so fast, it's also funny when I look back over the blog that after a little over a year I'm nearly back where I started.
I'll explain I'm starting to writhe this post on December 4th & tonight I head into the club with an army made up of the Inquisition Space marines & IG, now the blog was a year old at the start of September but I noticed I put up my first post about the Inquisition on December 3th of last year.
Now as anyone who as fallowed this blog over that length of time will know I started playing game using inquisitors in away that oddly enough is similar to how GW went about doing it, taking them as part of my army but with them not using up the allies slot.
When 6th ed came out first I'd high hopes as GW seemed to put out a rule book that kept harping on about forging a narrative which had me hoping that they where going to send the game in a certain way, plus there was rumours of all kind of supplements.
Chaos was to be the first codex out & while I never let myself believe that it was going to have legions (once FW started doing the HH I was sure) I was hoping for a good book more so when I heard that Phil Kelly was writhing it.
That wasn't to be the case as the dex is in my opinion very poor & if I was to try to build my Wordbearers in the same way I've always played them in a world where things is other codices where getting cheaper these guys were going up in price.
I'd luckily bought a SOB army at about the same time & even through by this time they where no longer involved with the inquisition the army included inquisitors & henchmen & while I'd always had a liking for the inquisition this was to be the spark that lit my fuse.
It was to also to get me playing INQ28 & give me reasons to go off & make up warbands & terrain, after I started playing INQ28 I stop using the inquisitors in my 40k games & got to a stage where I was only playing 40k about once a month.

The first few supplements did nothing for me but with chaos been the only one of the first three that I play I don't want to be to hard on them, but things where about to change like I'd never imagined with codex space marines.
Now here was a dex that offered so much to fluff gamers, gone where the bad old days of the Vulken in every colour under the sun now you just picked what chapter you wanted to play as & off you went, but this was only to be the start.
With digital codices GW found away of  not only giving us armies codices but now the could brake that down even more so any give us different company codices, they also did a SOB dex that while not perfect in a long way a head of the WD one.
Straight after which came the one really rocked my boat codex Inquisition & I was back where I was a year ago, I now fined I;m even starting to look for games of 40k on Saturdays & even found myself talking about doing an apoc game in the new year.

Were getting ways to use some of the big stuff in 40k games old characters that haven't been in the game in a long time are coming back, were getting formations that give special rules the game is changing like never before & I'm loving it.

The pictures are from my game with Ger last night & if your wondering why their are no pictures of my Inquisitor & his henchmen then go back up to the first picture, you'll see that the back door of the himera is right at the table edge while it's also in a piece of terrain I'll let you work it out for yourself.

So thanks for dropping in whether you've read one post or all one hundred


  1. Congratulations on the milestone, Frank. I really enjoy the blog.

  2. Thanks Eoin it's nice when you get to know people are enjoying the blog.