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Tuesday 5 November 2013

Necromunda Terrain the 1st piece

A while back a mate of mine gave me some Necromunda terrain that is part plastic & part card that I could use in INQ28.

Now I left it sitting in the box while I thought about what I was going to do with it, as I feel there are two down sides using card & that is wear & tear & matching up with painting wise.

So I had an idea (yes it did hurt) what if I made the card pieces out of plastic card, this those two things 1 it means every thing when painted will look the same & 2 it should be more survivable.

Now as I'll be gluing the card to the bulkheads it means it won't be interchangeable but that's not a problem as the more terrain you have the more you can do different layouts on the table.

So I've do my first piece picking one of the more simple out to do & to be honest I'm more then happy with the result.

So my thanks to Mike for the terrain & to you for dropping in I will be doing more pieces from time to time so be sure to watch the blog.


  1. This looks class.
    So happy this stuff has a good home!

    Should I be expecting an NWG hive table?

  2. Thanks Mike I glad you approve, as for NWG just lets see how the wind bowls