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Thursday 14 November 2013

Mutants & big stone things

I got another 6 mutants done so only 6 more to go & they'll be finished I also got around to painting some big stone type things that I made a good while back.

Now for these I don't have any WIP pictures, but I'll do a little how to on them .

All these things are is tree bark & painters mate filler & these thing really are as cheap as chips.

First cut a few bases to the size & shape you want.

Next get two pieces of bark roughly the same size & glue them together, you'll probable have to do a bit of pairing here & there.

Then cut them flat on one end & glue to the base & they just fill any gapes with the filler but leave it rough enough to look like stone.

You'll need to let the filler harden for a while before painting.
Now for some mutants.

Thanks for dropping & call back soon.

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