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Tuesday 12 November 2013

INQ28 The Arbite Precinct

Deciding that Panama Jack just might be the kind of fellow I'd been looking for for a long time I made up my mind that I'd go with Bron to the Sa-Tu's cafe, if I was right about this guy then it was a risk worth taking.

I had Greek drive Bron & myself over to the cafe arriving at about 10.48 so we grabbed a table & ordered 2 Isco teas will we wait for Jack to show up,Jack seemed to have picked a very good time for this meeting, as while there was plenty of people in the cafe at this hour is wasn't busy enough yet that you couldn't get a table in a quite corner where you could talk without been overheard.

A couple of minutes later the door open & in walk Jack a accompanied by a woman, looking around him upon seeing Bron they both headed over to our table, after the necessities of introductions where made we all sat down & calling the waitress over ordered 3 more teas with Jack haven a refined water.
The woman with Jack, Lucinda Morte was in fact his 1st mate.

After the waitress had brought over our drinks & left Jack began the talks by saying you guys are good for the last 3 days I've been trying to find out something about you but all I could get was that ye turn up just after all the trouble started but no one seem to know much about you, which can only mean you guys are pro's.

One thing I did find out about was an insistent out at one of the factory the other night involving an inquisitor of an unusual size so seen you sitting here in front of me it not that hard to put the two facts together & know I'm dealing with the Inquisition.

Would that be a problem for you Jack I asked ? no he replied as long as we agreed on a few ground rules first, as I said to your friends the other night your business is your own & I don't need to know what it is but that will need to be a double edged sword Inquisitor if where to work together


We talked for about an hour in which time Jack told me that he put in the paperwork for permission to take off from the planet but with the chaos that was going on at the moment he'd no idea when he was likely to get clearance,

Informing Jack that I'd been on the look out for someone like him with his own ship for a long time, I asked him if we should get off this planet would he be interested in working for me on a regular bases, to which he replied yes but again there would be the need for ground rules as he made a lot of credits out of smuggling & wouldn't be willing to give that part of his business up.

Getting up to leave I handed Jack a little communicator & told him I be in touch with him in the next couple of days & that if got his clearances he could let me know using the device, I now had a decision to make with regard the guild master & decided on the way back to the safe house that I need to take him somewhere that I could interrogate him.

Not knowing when we might be able to get off I sent Bron & Augustine out to fine a suitable place the next day, Jack was a smart guy but if he could work out who we were so could others it was time to fined out what Le Farge knew.

As it turned out there was a arbite precinct not far from one of our safe houses that would suit our needs, so I got in touch with the commanding officer & made arrangements for us to use their facilities the next day.
I had Bron drive Greek, Rouxinel, Le Farge & myself to the precinct & then head off to link up with Panama Jack.

The precinct was a very old & well fortified building & housed a large number of PDF, but the way things where falling apart it would be unwise to lower our guard even is such a place.

As it turned out the interrogation rooms where on the upper floor of the two story building, so posting Greek & Rouxinel in the room at the bottom of the stairs I brought Le Farge up the stairs with me, as we entered the interrogation I could see the colour drain out of Le Farge's face.

Seen the look of fear on Le Farge as he looked around him at all the strange instruments I'd a feeling it wouldn't take long to get Le Farge to tell me what I wanted to know, but no sooner had I got him hooked up to the truth injectors when a massive explosion rocked the precinct.

 Fallowed shortly after by a knock on the door, this turned out to be a member of the PDF who had been sent to inform me that the precinct was under attack, closing the door I turned back to Le Farge & told him what the guard had just told me.

 I also told him that we wouldn't be going anywhere until he told me what I wanted to know even if the precinct was over run by the unknown mob & that his best change of getting out of here alive was to give me what ever information he could on the events that had happened as quickly as he could.

Realising that his position was hopeless Le Farge told me that the guild had been infiltrated by a very evil & ambitious  man who had used the guild connections & influence to gain leverage over many government officials by the time I had enough prove of what he was doing to challenge him it was to late.

I put the file on him on a microchip & had it inserted in one of my back moulders, it will give you a help in trying to figure out what is really going on here but I don't think it will answer all your questions.
I'd interrogated enough people in my time to know when someone is telling me the truth so I decided it might be as well off to leave the chip where it was until we got out of here.

I sent the guard that was assigned to me out to send word down to Greek that I need him to come up to me, & to tell  Rouxinel to help out with the defence of the precinct.
I then got Le Farge to his feet & told him we where leaving & to stay close to me at all times if he wanted to live.
We linked up with Greek out on the landing & he took up the lead, we had already studied the plans of the precinct & new exactly where we where heading, before following Greek I ordered the PDF guards in no uncertain terms to let no one up the stairs.
More explosions could be heard as we made our way to the south-west tower & looking back I notice's the guard that had been with me since I entered the precinct was fallowing me, asking him why he was not with the other guards holding the stairs, his reply was that he'd been ordered by general Drom to stay with me at all times. 

Down below  Rouxinel could see some of the guards starting to retreat back into the main building & decided it might be time to go out into the courtyard to see what was happening.
Stepping outside he could see the discipline was starting to brake  down among the members of the PDF calling out to a captain he told him to get his men under control, who are you to be given me orders ? the officer cried back it's bad enough that that runt your with is given my men orders not to come to my aid.
Firing a shot just over his head  Rouxinel warned him this is the last change your going to get, now are you going to get your man back in line or shall I ?
This really got the captain angry & he call out to the two guards closest to  Rouxinel to place him under arrest & get him out of here, but before the guards could react  Rouxinel had drawing out his axe & charged the captain.
The captain who also had an axe swung high & fast, ducking under the swing  Rouxinel came low with his own swing taken the captains leg off just below the knee & coming back to his full high growled does anyone else here have a problem with me given orders ?
This whole incident had the desired effect on the guardsmen who regrouped & held fast to their task, as more cultist spieled into the courtyard through the main gate.
By this time we'd reached the roof of the tower & I sent word for Jack to come & get us, we'd locked the hatch way down behind us but we still had that guard with us who at this point knew to much for his own good.
From our vantage point we looked down as events unfolded below,  Rouxinel had the guards fighting tooth & nail but with more & more cultists pouring in it was starting to look like a lost cause.

After a couple of minutes we heard the roar of jet engines & looking up we could see a arvus lighter heading towards us, at least Jack had prove true to his word & come to retrieve us even with all that was going on.
Before the arvus reached us  Rouxinel was knocked from his feet when a round from an autogun hit him in the chest, I was not unduly concerned as I knew it would take more then that to do much harm to the servitor.
In fact I knew that he would now shut himself down knowing that we would make our escape with Jack & that when thing claimed down later he'd slip away unnoticed.
As the arvus hovered beside us & the rear ramp started to lower on to the top of the tower I turned to the guard & commended him on doing his duty before Greek slipped the pistol out from under his robes & put a bullet in the guards head.
As soon as we where on board I had Greek remove the micro-chip from Le Farge's tooth, hopefully this would throw a bit more light on what was going down here, end recording.
The first part of the above story was a fallow on from the in between games post I did to introduce Panama Jack, the part set in the precinct is based off our last game of INQ28 played out on the wonderful table Jamie had set up for us.
The pictures are a bit all over the place as once again the battery went dead half way through the game, any way my thanks to Jamie, Paddy & Roman for a fun game & to you for dropping in & I hope you enjoyed the latest instalment in our campaign.

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