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Thursday 27 September 2012

The Doom of Coteaz

So it was that by the time Inquisitor Coteaz & his men reach where the sound of the battle was coming from. It was all ready to late for the Flesh Tearers & with the Tyranids swarm getting bigger with every pasting minute Coateaz new they would have to act fast.

Ordering the razorbacks to cut a path through the spore mines with their twin-linked psycannons he sent the dreadknight forward with an incinerator to unleash its full fury on a large brood of  hormagaunts that had started to make a charge towards his small force.

If there was one thing Coteaz new from experience it was that nids didn't like flamers of any kind.
With the small squad of paladin lead by a junior Inquisitor & Coteaz own squad also opening up on them the hormagaunts where taken terrible loses but Coteaz new well that the hive mind cared not of such things.

Next thing was a a biosack went flying over their heads smashing into the ground a small distance behind them releasing more spore mines in an attempt to cut off  any escape route should they need out.
Then from behind a large hill from which brood up on brood of termagants where coming to enter the fight there came the sound of shots & smoke started to rise into the air this could only mean one thing that the Callidus assassin had infiltrated in among the swarm.

This was indeed the case & finding a tervigon spouting out brood after brood of termagants the assassin had gone for the tervigon at once putting multiple wounds on the thing & killing many termagant that had rushed to it aid, but such was the mass of the beast thet the assassin could not bring it down & was finally over come himself by volley after volley of fire from the termagants.

At the same time the hive mind had reacted by bring the fight right to the hart of the Imperial forces with three mycetic spore hitting the ground all most as one, two for them landing to Coteaz left with the other coming down right in between Coteaz's squad & the paladins.
From this spore was to emerge a creature that while similar to a zoanthrope in build was some form of tyranid that the Inquisitor or any of his man had never seen before, while to the left a brood of termagant with devourors cane forth from the near spore supported by some tyranid warriors that had landed in the other spore.

The Imperial force with the exception of the dreadknight who had moved into place to intercept brood of rippers who were trying to flank Coteaz squad fired salvo after salvo at the zoanthrope type thing & the spore it had arrived in killing the spore & while en flicking wound after wound on the tyranid it refused to die.

This was to single the turning point in the battle as the squad with Coteaz came under fire from the devilgants getting reduced to just the Inquisitor himself & one marine, while the paladins came under a barrage of fire from some unsighted biovores.
A razorback that had become  immobilised in terrain earlier was to be damaged beyond repair from the warriors who had targeted the vehicle forcing the small band of guard inside to disembark.

Two more razorbacks arrived in support one driving into the cloud of spore mines that had started to drift across the back of the imperial lines exploding many of them but luckily taken no damage in return, while the other arrived to the right to cut off the hormagaunts who had decided to change the direction of their attack after come under such heavy fire.

Coteaz at this time left the single marine with the psycannon that was all that was left of the squad  to try to suppress the brood of devilgants while he rush towards the strange nid intent on smashing it in to the ground with his daemonhammer but as he neared the creature it seem that the very life was drained from him & much to the horror of his man Coteaz fell to the ground as still as a stone.

The marine with the psycannon after laying waste to many of the devilgants finely fell while the dreadknight first burning uncountless numbers of rippers was now surround by them so that all he could do was to smash them from side to side.
All of guard in the razorbacks had now disembarked & had added their fire-power from their stormbolters to that of the razorbacks finally reducing the brood of devilgants & hormagaunts to just one each but by now it was starting to seem as if the nids where without number for no matter how many they killed the nids just kept coming.

Seen what had befalling Coteaz the junior Inquisitor although badly wound himself rushed for the tyranid who had now it seemed recovered from it wounds & was now bearing down on the hapless inquisitor but in their hast one of the paladins got to close to a spore mine which explored badly injuring him.
Just as they got into assault the junior Inquisitor gave the order for a fighting retreat before they where over run.

So it was that the Inquisitor found himself locked in combat with this strange nid & although he was with a squad of paladins it was as if  he was in the assault by himself as the squad   seemed to be suffering the same  faith as Coteaz with the very life been drained out of the them while his enemy just seemed to grow stronger & stronger.

With two of the squad down to what ever power this creature had & the last of his own strength draining away he gave his final order to the remaining three of the squad to pick up the fallen Coteaz & retreat.


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