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Thursday 6 September 2012

how to jump packs

Were going to have a look at a simple little way to make your jump troops look a bit more realistic.
So here's a little walk through for anyone who is interested.

take a base & a paper clip drill two little holes a few mm apart.

a marine with a jump pack remove the marine from the bas& drill two little holes in the jump pack

next straighten  out the clip & fold it in half then put the two ends through the holes  putting a little bit of super glue on the under side. 

 put a slight bend (45%) about 10mm from the ends of the clip & then test it by stick the ends into the holes in the jump pack.
 now take a a tree & cut some of the little pieces of it as seen above & fix them to the clips a small little bit of painters caulk on the wires is great for fixing them

 now spray it black & then after a minute or two spray with a little white so it should then look like this
 now just add marine tip don't glue the marine on for ease of transport
 & that folks is that one jumping marine hope this helps.


  1. That's Awesome, Frank!
    Totally stealing that idea!

    1. Anything put up here on the blog is for all players to use so feel free.