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Sunday 9 September 2012


Bugs in the reactor is a tomorrows war mission which I talked Pearce into playing me in a 40k game.

The lists where as following nids 40 steelers in 5 squads of 8, marines 2 tactical squads with 1 combi-malta ,plasma pistol, heavy bolter, missile luncher, flamer, malta gun  two razorbacks 1 with twin-linked assault cannon the other with twined-linked heavy flamer & a vet serg with WS5  BS5 W2  powersword. stormshield,   & bolt pistol.

The mission is for the marines to get 15 people off the table before the steelers can kill them.
The set up put a few buildings fairly close together near the centre of the table with the likes of a forrest or hill
near the table edges
Next place the people starting with one in the centre & then each player taking turns to place a model 6 inchs away from one already on the table but not whit in 12 inchs of a table edge.

The marine player goes first randomly picking a table edge the steelers come on rondomly from the other 3 edges
The marine player wins if he can get 8 people off the table the people have the following profile & will not do anything until either picked up by the marines or attacked by the steelers.
WS2 BS2 S3 T3 A1 I3 W1 SV6 .
If a marine comes with in 2 inch's of a person then become part of the squad or if a razorback comes with in 2 inch's of a person he can embark but takes up a space.

Below are a few pictures from the game which was played last Wednesday night.

if you go down to the woods today

if were quite they might not know were here
here they come
help help
don't worry sir we'll save you
we keep on knocking but we can't get in
up close & personal just how the steelers like it
the last steeler tries to take another victim as help is on the way  
The final result the marines get the win 8 to 7 my thanks to Pearce for once again putting up with one of my missions & a very enjoyable game.


  1. Looks like much fun was had, Pearce's comments would be cool to add ;-)

  2. Yes it was indeed a fun game & also very balanced which is important to get right with home made mission.
    I don't if Pearce reads this blog.