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Monday 17 September 2012

How to Brood Nest

I'm going to take a look at how to make a Brood Nest for anyone who doesn't know what a brood nest is they can be found in IA 4 from forge world who use to make brood nest models but sadly doesn't any more
You could also use these as mycetic spore's as there is no model for them. 

First off you might need to buy the misses some flowers to get these but as flowers can always be good for brownie points that's not so bad.
You'll need the gold thing in the picture I don't know what there called

A side shot of it.

something to base it on

Now cut the bottom off it with a sharpe  blade 
cut your base to be a bit bigger & bevel the edges

Now put a good blob of painters mate on the base this can be got in any hardware 

Now just push the golden thing down onto the base

Next fill a couple of the holes with the painters mate & stick some heads or an arm in it to make look like the model is coming out of it.

Before painting be sure to give the gold thingy a good coat of  watered down  pva  glue then paint it the colour you want.

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