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Monday 1 October 2012

How to Meiotic spore

I'm going to do a walk through Meiotic spore FW do models for these but if you just want something cheap & cheerful these will do.
 So first off a look at what you'll need a carnifex head insulation form plastic rod, painters mate a wire that's covered in plastic that you can get in a hobby shop I don't know what it's called & an adrenal gland from the t-rex set.

You'll also need a 50mm base
cut the plastic rod about 50mm long & fix it to the base
glue the two sides of the head together & cut the top of the head  off & the  part of the neck  that would join to the body
cut the form about 50mm by 20mm by 20mm & glue the pieces  from the head  to each end.
now use some sandpapper to shape the form
sanding to come flush with the two plastic pieces 

now take some painters mate & spread it to cover the form use a wet paint brush  to do this 
leave it about 24 hours for the painters mate to dry a bit


then glue an adrenal gland  

cut the wire into pieces about 50mm long these will be the tentacles

put a bend in the wire 

start gluing them around the plastic rod then add little dots of painters mate  to the  tentacles

a shot from above

the finished meiotic spore

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