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Thursday 20 September 2012

Corona Secundus - planet fall

Librarian Vialli sat uneasy in the T-hawk it was always the same when he faced the Tyranids he put it down to the fact of the affect that the nids had over the warp which psykers where able to feel.  
The moment that he had received word from Captain Maximus on board the battlebarge  Undying Hope that the nid invasion had begun he'd order the scout squads to find the main landing site & now all he could do was wait until one of them reported in.

After just under an hour STT he hared the voice of scout sergeant Di  Raun in his ear piece we have found what would seem to be a major landing site Brother Librarian & are setting up the location beacon  for the pilot to home in on over.
Good work sergeant  when you've the beacon  operational withdraw from the area over & out.

Next came the pilots voice were're picking up the signal from the beacon sir ETA 17.25 minutes.
All the passengers on board the gun ship sat in silent prayer until the the pilots voice came over the coms come up on jump zone in 2 minutes.

Vialli looked  out from the open rear assault ramp & could see the spore mines starting to drift across the ground below this would make the jump even more difficult   as to land to near to any of those mines would lead to injury or death.
 The Flesh Tearers  all got on to the ground safely but not in formation with the vanguard squad been separated from the main group but close to a big brood of Hormagunts who they launched an assault up on butchering countless numbers of them but all so taking casualties themselves.

Seen that the vanguard squad were starting to get over run Vialli order one of the assault squads   to go to reinforce them while he would take the other squad around to the left flank of the nids  to try to split the forces.
No sooner had he given the order when as if the hive mind could read his mind mycetic spore crashed in to the ground over over to his left with 5 warrior emerging from it & open up fire on them killing a brother marine while at the same time the vanguard squad was down to just one marine as squad Romirus tried to come to his aid.       

Then in a blinding flash of light the Flesh Tearers where reinforced  by 5 assualt terminators but the number of the enemy growning by the second as more & more mycetic spores smashed down on the surface .
The last of the vanguard squad finally went down undeed to his rightr the what seem to be quickly become an unlimited number of of Hormagaunt  just as squad Romirus hit their lines.
A small thin-ling at the back of his neck was all the warning Vialli was to get as his squad came under  a psychic attack from Zoanthropes who had just land  to their right but that thanks be to the Emperor he had been able to thwart.

NO sooner had he done this when they where assaulted by the warrior who with the help of some barrage fire from a near by Biovore  combined with their own shooting had already down 4 marines in the squad while the terminators while running through the clouds of spore mines to get at the nids on the left flank had taken their first casualty  when a long sharpe fragment from an exploding mine had smashed through one of his eye lenses embedding its self deep in the marines brain & killing him out right.

Meanwhile A Warrior Prime had joined in on the assault that was going on between squad Romirus & the Hormagaunts making for Romirus himself & rain down blow after blow on him but Romirus was an experienced fighter who while dodging the worst of the attacks had managed to land a couple of blows on the thing with his powerfist but it just didn't seem to feel any pain & keep on coming.
His squad wasn't faring out any better starting to now faulter under the Hormagaunts & a brood of Termagants whjoined the assault.    

The terminators easily brushed a side a brood of Termagants but with path starting to open up in front of them a  large brood or Termagant armed with Devourers landed just behind them & started pumping round after round into them dropping the priest with them & one of the terminators.
The Hormagaunts haven finished off squad Romirus with the exception of the priest that had accompanied them & was now surrounded by Termagant with Romirus himself after falling to the Prime now dashed to intercept the terminators .

Vialli with a single marine finished off the last of the Warriors but were now the main point of interest to the Devilgants who unloaded into them killing them both while there was now just one remaining terminator with a thunder hammer & stormshild standing with the priest haven falling to the Termagants.

At this point activated the recall device in his suit & was beamed back on board the battlebarge .
 Captain  Maximus on hearing the report offer up a prayer to the Emperor to receive the souls of his falling battle brothers.
He could now only hope that the time his men had gained for the Mechanicus teams below on the planet carrying out their searches would yield something worthwhile.           

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