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Thursday 13 September 2012

Corona Secundus the vanguard assault.

As the twilight start to fade into morning the advanced squad of the Blue Legion looked out over the surrounding area it was at that point they seen the three pronged charge or the genestealers.
Taking up a defend-able point behind some barricades they opened up on the nearest brood in a manner perfected over many such engagements with the Tyranids.

As stealer after stealer fell under bolter it seemed that two more jumped into the space left by the one that died; so switching to snap fire there bolters with one hand the marines readied their chainswords for the assault that must surely come.

Just as the nearest brood cover the last few feet a broodlord rushed to front baying for blood the marines knowing that should this thing get into the lines it could single handily take out a whole squad pumped round after round of explosive shell into him to make sure his did not happen bring him down just as the brood hit there lines.

Even though then had thinned down the numbers in the brood there was still enough stealers to wipe out half the squad including  Aspiring Champion before they had killed the last of them & as they regrouped with two more broods bearing down on then, they were relived to see two rhino rush into the breech with a squad of marines disembarking from one & a squad of berserker from the other.

With two & a half squads of marines now pumping round after round into the two forward broods backed up by the havoc launcher on the rhinos the genestealers numbers soon started to dwindle, yet still a broodlord & a smell number of stealers seemed to have gotten around them & was treating their flank.

Also as if out of thin air two lictors appeared at the edge of a ruin opening up a new front for the by now hard put to  marines to deal with while at the same time they could out of the corner of their eyes  they could see columns of stealers pushing onward at the flanks of the battle.

It was at this time with the main force of stealers lead by a massive broodlord closing in on them  & the smaller squad lead by the other broodlord closing in on the flank that a mighty daemon prince rushed the flanking bloodlord & stealers  while a vindicator chugged forward firing a shell into the hart of the large brood.

For what seemed liked an age the broodlord & the daemon prince stood toe to toe with the stealers taken an odd swipe when the chance permitted before the daemon prince emerged victorious but with blood poring from several wounds.

Meanwhile  the near full strength  squad of marines opened up with everything they had into the lictors with the rest of the marine force main brood with every thing they had but still it wasn't enough with the last remaining broodlord with what was left of his squad making an for the daemon prince up on sighting him.

In the swirling close combat that followed the daemon finally fell taken with him the broodlord leaving it for the marines to mop up the last few genestealers.
Then just as suddenly as it had begun it was over what ever objective the hivemind had been  after the marines would never know but there was one thing for certain the marine would have to carry out the rest of their search of this planet a lot more carefully & as they looked from the dead Tyranids on the ground they saw the first mycetic spores fall from the sky.

My thanks to Alan for a very enjoyable game & some picture below.



  1. Great back story Frank and love the pics! :)

  2. Thanks John I wanted something a bit different to a normal battle report that's why I went with the story.
    I also know of another engagement coming up soon that will hopefully make for a good story.