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Thursday 1 September 2016

Tricol, A change in the law

After month's of unrest & unprecedented trouble starting with the butchery at the Beastmen settlement the new Governor now fully briefed on the events is about to address the house of Senators & it's an address that will have far reaching effect's on the Tricol system & all that live there.
Von Bittner enters the house through a side door, but earlier that day he'd had a meeting with the four Marshall's.
A car pull's up at the base where the Marshall's wait.
From one of the towers a guard watch's while another inspect's the papers of the arrival's
With all in order the car enter's the base
& the vip steps out to enter the building

where a very heated meeting take's place, with the Governor letting rip over all that has happened lately & laying the blame at their door, before heading to the house.
My follow members of the house, having been fully brought up todate on all of the resent happening's I'm now able to address you on the matter.
As you know I came to power on the back of a promise that all the citizens of Tricol would be able to live their live's with out fear of these kind of attack's & it's a promise I intend to keep.

So as of a now these new laws will come in to effect, these changes are not something I do lightly but are changes I feel are necessary to ensure that there are no repeat's of such horror's & that all the races can live in peace.

Amendments to the law.
1) All non-humans race's (including human mutant's) will be forbidden to carry firearms or weapons that are deemed threatening, there will be a one week period for weapons to be handed over to the  authorities.

2) All non-human  race's (including human mutants) are now forbidden to congregate in groups above six, without first obtaining permission to do so from the authorities.

3) Travel for all non-human race's (including human mutants) will now be restricted & permit's will be required for any of these races wishing to travel outside their permitted zone.

4) All non-human race's (including human mutants) will not be permitted to be members of the peace keeping forces & any that already are members must resign from their post's.

On hearing the new law's a crowd heads to the anniversary arch which has been damaged in the recent troubles.
 But the protest is quickly stopped as members for the peace keeping forces fire smoke grenades in to the crowd
Such scene's are repeated all across the Tricol system
& put down with the same heavy handedness, in this case it's a water cannon
it seems that protest's is not something the Governor is willing to put up with, times in Tricol are changing.

That it of this post as always my thanks for dropping in & if you'd care to leave a comment it would be welcomed.


  1. Caption:
    Failing Policy for Petty Dictators Since... Forever

  2. I think you might have voted for him Will lol

    1. What better story lever than a betrayed supporter!

    2. I thought you might see it like that Will lol

  3. Very interesting turn of events in Tricol. Don't count out Von Bittner. He has the stones to pull off blanket discrimination in the name of security!

    1. One true leader Mek yep ? a real ork way of thinking mate lol