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Saturday 17 September 2016

Tricol, How did it come to this ?

Tricol has gone from a system that has lived in peace for over 200 year's to one that now stands on the brink of civil-war, it seems that governor Von Bittner's new laws have not been popular, with the Marshall's of Shin-Tethys, Fineburg & Abydo's refusing to implement the new laws &  with marshell Merock remaining in his post in defiance of the new laws, it would appear that making new laws is one think but getting them enforced is another thing all together.

High marshall  Ulberexis has remained on Thalassa & together with ex-governor Jardine now mayor of the capital city Trisol,  have come out strongly against the new laws & have ordered all law enforcer's to stand down, of coarse not all have followed the Marshall's order's with a small amount believing that the Governor is correct in his decision, but they are few & far between leaving Von Bittner no choice but to higher a militia's  force to carry out his orders, nowhere is the breakdown in law & order more in evidence then in the capital.

Laws that where drawn up to help crack down of unlawfulness has had the opposite effect, no where more so then on Thalassa with Trisol embroiled  in gangland wars as the gang leaders see the chaos in the legal system as the ideal time to expand their empire's, with running gun battle's on the capital's streets a daily occurrence.

While freedom of movement & trade is still on going within the system hostilities are growing between Thalassa & the other worlds, it is against this backdrop that Panama Jack & the crew return to Shin-Tethys with the Tech-priest in toe.

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