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Sunday 11 September 2016

Tricol, Run you fool's a Pulp Alley solo AAR

Jack we got rid of that thing whatever it was & did you find Darrow Captain ? called out Olsan as he & the rest of the crew enter the room where Jack Lucinda & Oilskin where, That's great & yes, but we've got bigger problems replies Jack never taking his eye off the abomination that Slick had become.
At first the thing seemed confused but now it's started to notice it was no alone, Elaine get out of here now the Tech-priest whispered, no Father I won't leave you now that I've only just found.
There's a flyer on the landing-pad outside & if we want to get off this island that's are best chance, now go & start searching those lockers in the other room for the power-slate.
  The thing that stood before them was so terrifying to look at that some where getting very nervous, with Mr Smith giving off a low growl while backing out of the room, followed by Olsan both of who where known to have nerve's of steel.
Lucinda was the first to pull the trigger, opening up on the beast, with Darrow Oilskin & Jack adding their fire power to her's rocking the terror on it's feet.
Seen the thing rocked the fearless Felix rushed what once had been Slick, hacking at it with his chain-sword.
Brave but perhaps foolish as a massive claw knocked him from his feet sending him crashing to the floor.
With Felix out of it way it now rushed Jack who had stay in the room as everyone else apart from Felix had moved back.
 Jack was giving as good as he got but he knew that the shear power of the beast would win out if he couldn't finish this quickly.

Both parties where starting to feel the effect's of their epic dual, but such was the power of the thing that their was only going to be one winner.
 Jack fall's to the floor & the beasst let's out a triumphen roar, deepdown inside of him some little part that is still Slick is pleased.
Darrow who'd relised that Jack was no match for the thing rushs back to help him but is to late, enraged with anger the Tech-priest lets fly with his axa putting all of his strength into the blow.
Such is his furrie that he send the monster sprawling, it's time to gather up the wounded & get out of here while we still can he think's.
Elaine has found the power-slate, so all going well they'll be able to get to the flyer & get to hell off this cursed island.
Without further mishap they reach the flyer, where the Tech-priest plugs in the power-slate & after offering up praise to the machine- spirit start's up the engine's & they take off.
So the base is left below as our hero's set coarse, but I think they will find a very different Tricol awaiting their return.

Designer's note, those of you familiar with the PA perilous island campaign book will know that I've changed the the the last two missions, this is in not way a bad reflection's on the campaign book it just that I need a different ending to fit in with the over all Tricol story, the ending in the book is way better then mine.

Well that's it for this post I'd just like to thank Dave & Mila for the wonderful game that is Pulp Alley & as always my thank's to you for dropping in & if you'd care to leave a comment it would be welcomed.


  1. Very cool! Great looking scenario. THANKS for sharing.

    Pulp Alley

  2. Thanks Dave & thanks for such a great game.