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Tuesday 20 September 2016

Tricol, Rico's Mob

I've done up a new PA league who'll be playing a big part in the Tricol story over the next while, so here's the load-down on then.
Leader Rico,

Health d10.
Brawl 4d10, Shoot 3d8, Dodge 2d10, Might 3d10, Finesse 2d8, Cunning 3d10.
Fierce (1) Add +1d to your Brawl, included above
Moxie (3) You ignore the multiple penalty when rolling your Brawl dice.
Muscles of Steel (3) Your Brawl & Might dice-type are not lowered due to injuries.

Sidekick Lars

Health d8.
Brawl 3d8, Shoot 2d6, Dodge 3d8, Might 3d6, Finesse 3d8, Cunning 3d6.
Clever (1) Add +1to your Cunning, included above
Indomitable (3) You may re-roll one Recovery check per turn.

Alley Lady D

Health d6
Brawl N/A, Shoot 268, Dodge 3d6, Might d6, Finesse 2d6, Cunning d6.
Sly (1) Add +1d to your Dodge & +1d to Finesse, your have no Brawl skill, included above.

Alley Harker
Health d6
Brawl 2d6, Shoot d6, Dodge d6, Might 2d6, Finesse d6, Cunning d6.
Brute (1) Once per turn, you may re-roll one Brawl or Might die.

Follower Rizt

Health d6
Brawl d6, Shoot 2d6, Dodge d6, Might d6, Finesse d6, Cunning d6.
Marksman (1) Add +1d to your shooting, included above.

That's all for this time as always my thanks for dropping in & if you'd care to leave a comment it would be welcomed.

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