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Monday 5 September 2016

Tricol, Finding Darrow, A solo pulp Alley AAR

Coming out on the other side of the passage our hero's find themselves in an over grown base, but what are those thing's rounding a corner ?
The base is not abandoned but there doesn't seem to be any sign of the Tect-priest.

One of them now opens fire, not very welcoming.
These are the cards that where drawn in the first turn with the one in the middle been on the leader & the other two on the mutant dogs, I'll show a lot of card's in the pictures to try to give an idea of how the game works.
 A fire fight breaks out as
Mr Smith rush's forward.  

These are the card's at the start of turn 2 as I let Jack's league go first, with Lucinda failing her's, Mr Smith passing his & the third out giving the activating to the other league, so it was a bit of all risk & no reward for Jack's league, it thing's like this that makes solo PA work imo, back to the action.
 Mr Smith get rushed by one of the mutant dogs but neither can get the upper hand.

Then one of the mutant guards join's in & the brave dog goes down.

The Doc get's hit by a blast & also goes down,things are getting ulgy out here yell's Jack
let's try get inside, Oilskin spots out of the mutants trying to work his wy aroug the landing pad
& drop him, what are these things he thinks.
The door has some kind of locking mechanism on it
  Olsian goes to work on the control-panel but some kind of discharge knock's him from his feet
 After seen Felix go down as well trying Elaine give it a try, she must have inherited some of her father's skills
  Jack tries to lend a hand but is only in the way
Elaine work's at it a bit longer & the door starts to open.
Oilskin gets rushed by one of the guards
It transfroums into an even more hidous creature
& makes short work of Oilskin
Quick everyone get inside calls out Jack as he runs inside, luckily this door opens automatically
Jack hurries on
& is soon joined by Elaine, Doc & Lucinda, so far there's not sign of Darrow
 The creature seems confused as to where everyone has gone.
Lucinda take's point as they push on.
Jack she calls back there's another door here like the one at the entrance
With his ego bruised after his failure at the entrance door  Jack sets about getting this one open in short time.
 Jack that thing has come into the building after us calls out the doc
as the door open's
At the far end of the room is the Tect-priest & Slick who has a gun pointed at him, in the name of the Emperor don't do it says Darrow as Slick draw's a cable from a data implant in his head, I've been weeks studying this place there something not right.
 Shut it Darrow, I know someone how will pay a lot for the information in that computer & with the rest of those buffoons that came with me either dead or lost somewhere the reward will be all mine.
The sight of her father is to great & Elaine charges to his side blocking Jack's  shot on Slick, who plugs in the lead.
There's a blinding flash from the computer & Slick lets out a blood curling cry
 To be continued.

As anyone who does plays Pulp Alley might have noticed this game of PA was a bit different as there was no plot points, I'll explain instead of plot point's I just when with one objective for Jack league to reach Darrow, the other league was made up from (I think there called minions) from the Perilous island book, for the two doors that had to be opened I used the plot point rules.

So why do it this way you ? well those of you that come here regular will know that this campaign is only apart of a much bigger story that is Tricol & judging how the two games of solo PA that I've played have gone the solo play is going to be a huge help with telling that story.

This game has proved to me something that I always felt & that is that PA as a game is very flexible that & given the fact that your using cards & that a lot of dice rolls are 50/50 with only a very rare reroll means that as a solo game  you can not know how it will go, yes your playing yourself but there are other forces at work, this game went right to the wire with Elaine reaching the Tect-priest at the very end of turn 6 which in most cases is the last turn in PA.
That's it for this post my thanks as always for dropping in & if you'd care to leave a comment it would be welcomed.

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