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Monday 29 August 2016

Hobby Season review & preview

It's that time of the year again, thanks to Dave ( so if you think you need an added push with your hobby why not join in ? anyway I'll start with looking back to see how I did last season & then list somethings I'd like to do this coming season.

 This is what I wanted to get done.
1) At death's door
A needle in a haystack as your looking for a small package in a warehouse, think the end of raiders of the lost ask warehouse, well that's how I see it, so build inside of warehouse.
2) Soerabaja manhunt
Your looking for a old sailor in the docks area of the town, so build harbour area to go looking in.

3) Lagoon of terror
As we head over to the island, first stop is the lagoon complete with wreck, so build lagoon.
Failed on this one

The following scenarios don't have to play out in a certain order, so I'll list them as they are in the book

40 Sinister swamp
Not only do our hero's have to face a swamp & all the horrors that entails there also zombie's,
so make up terrain & paint zombie's

5) Jungle trail.
Hacking your way through the jungle & coming in contact with the natives
I have models that will do as natives so just need to build a jungle

6) Blood sacrifice.
I might go down the King Kong road on this one,
build whatever I decide to go for

7) Forbidden city
Close to a volcano is the entrance to an abandoned  city
so I need a volcano & the gate way to a city & some ruins
Changed plans for this one so failed

8) Hell unleashed
 This is set in the ruined city, so doubles up with 7

9) The escape
This will use part jungle part lagoon

So not bad on the the list & I'm more then happy with what I got done over the last year, now what I'd like to do in the coming year.

1 Finish the Severed head, the building work is finished but there's still a lot more to do as you can see below.

2 Really get Tricol up & running as a place with weekly post on the going's on of it folks.

3 Like everyone else I still have plenty of models to be painted so get some more models painted.

4 Build more sets like the one for the Severed head above.

5 This one kind of ties in with 2 as it's building more stuff for Tricol

I'm going to leave it at that as that would be more then enough to keep me happy if I was to complete it, also as this is I think my 4th season I know well enough that there will be things done that I didn't even think of by the end of the season.

So that's it for this post as always my thanks for dropping in & if you'd care to leave a comment it would be welcomed.


  1. THanks for still keeping this going Frank, there's some wonderful variety to all the other lists here which I think shows that it goes beyond 40k and is a true 'hobby season'. Good luck with all your efforts

  2. Thank's Dave, as they say variety is the spice of life lol.