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Thursday 28 July 2016

40K, Shoot the big thing

Along ago when 40K & Apocalypse where two different things I spent many a joyful day playing apocalypse & on the other side of the table in many of those games was a young man from Barcelona named Oriol & to whom An'ggrath became the bane of his 40K life & once he would appear on the table Oriol would say shoot the big thing & if you ask why his answer would always be because it's a big thing, fun days indeed.
Some of Alan's wonderful Ravenwing.
Now you might remember awhile back I did a post about using the models you want to, & I'm a firm believer in practice what you preach not that I'm trying to preach to anyone you understand but you hopefully get what I mean, anyway one such model is An'ggrath who's points are base on the god he belongs to & not for what he brings to the table.
Let the Blood flow & the skulls role
But what he did bring to the table was fun & a return to the good old days of shoot the big thing even if it was never said it was there for all to see, as the Ravenwing put every shot they could into him & for payment he wiped out a squad a turn & brought about the death of their leader Sammeal.
Your end is nigh.
I'd no way of knowing what Alan would bring nor would I want to as I was never a believer in building an army based on what your going to face, but having faced the Ravenwing before with the renegades I know it's a bad match up as I've nothing that ignores cover & they've to many reroles, but there's no ignoring  the big thing & that why like Oriol use to say you have to shoot it.
We'll just hang here & let the big guy do his stuff.
40K really has become a strange game 888pts for a model that could be take out in one go from D weapon or that can totally dominate a game & singlehandedly  butcher a whole army, but like I've said before 40K has become so bad imo that its now good in a Nazi's from the Centre of the Earth sort of way if you know what I mean, if not then go watch the movie lol.
Come my axe thirsts  
It wouldn't be fair to finish this post without going back once more to those wonderful days of Apocalypse, for on the last faithful day before Oriol returned to his homeland he slayed the beast & returned home a happier man for it, so it looks like in the end Oriol was right about shooting the big thing or was he ?
The charge of the bike brigade but this is no Russian cannon lol
Well that's it for me my thanks to Alan & Cathal for a very enjoyable game & as always my thanks to you for dropping in & if you'd care to leave a comment it would be welcome.
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  1. "...but like I've said before 40K has become so bad imo that its now good in a Nazi's from the Centre of the Earth sort of way if you know what I mean... "

    I know EXACTLY what you mean!

    Great report

    1. Thanks Will it's nice to know someone understand me lol.