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Monday 1 August 2016

Tricol, the Guardian at the Gate Pulp Ally AAR

Coming into a clearing Chief Oslan who was leading the way notice a camp site & call back, Captain it looks like someone else came this away awhile back as there's an abandoned came sit, entering the clearing Panama Jack who had Elaine Darrow beside him had no time to answer as Elaine let out a scream this stuff belongs to my Father he must have come this way I just knew he way still alive.

Don't get your hopes up to much Elaine, Lucinda said to her gently it doesn't look as if anyone's been here for quite sometime, but at least were'r on the right track she added with a smile.
Right lets search of the camp order Jack & if there any clue as to where they went ?
After a few minutes Elaine came out of tent holding in her hands a page from a notebook which  she starting reading out loud, If your to walk in my footsteps you must appease the 3 statute's  but be wear the Guardian, whats it all mean she asked looking up at Jack ?

Well I can see a few statute's from here Doc said & it looks like someone clear the undergrowth from around them not so long ago, but are they not the same as the ones as in the swamp that brought all of those zombie's down on us ask Oilskin ? to be honest Captain I don't fancy going through that again.
Well the massage said we got to appease the statues so we'd just better hope for the best, spreed out & we take a look at them I'm sure it will be fine said Jack while at the same time crossing his fingers behind his back.
Jack reaches one of the statues & takes a good look at it, there seems to be some kind of riddle here but I can't just figure it out he calls over to the others.
But there not the only one's to have made it this far, out of sight but not out of earshot are the Bash Street gang.
Right lads this is our chance says Slick, let's nail them while their busy with those statues.
Just as Lucinda & the Doc reach one of the statues they see a familiar fare but not a welcome  one as Jones comes into view.
Now other members of the gang are spotted & then the lead is flying in all directions.
Jones goes over while the Unknown moves towards the guardian & releases a bust of flame blocking his line of sight, I wonder does he know something ?

Meanwhile it looks like Jack has figured out the riddle as a loud click rings out over the clearing.

Solve the riddle on the statue he calls out at the top of his voice hopping to be heard over the gunfire.
Felix tries to work out the one on his statue, while keeping out of the way of the bullets.

 Getting out of the way of the bullets is something Shades doesn't seemed to have mastered.

 It's mayhem out there & Felix under fire from Face just can't solve the riddle so Elaine  comes over to see if she can help.
Lucinda bravely covering the Doc as he goes to work on the third statue takes a flesh wound.

The Unknown is still trying to keep the guardian out of thing but has gotten to close & now the terror is after him.
 With the others not been able to figure out what to do Jack statue seems to reset it's self & now a new riddle appears, dam he mutters under his breath & sets about trying to solve it
 Getting it wrong an arc of energy is released from the stature & slams into Jack.
  Felix rush's Face leaving Elaine to work on the riddle with out fear of been shot.
Maybe she'll have better luck then Jack.
Felix puts Face to the sword As Slugger joins Shades on the deck.
The Unknown is not as clever as he thought.
The Guardian clams his first victim of the day.
Looks like Elaine didn't fair any better then Jack after all.
Slick puts some hurt on the Guardian, that might not be the smart's thing to do.
Jack's got it.
Elaine's Got it
But Lucinda & the Doc haven't.
The Guardian puts Felix down.
Lucinda calls out to Slick to put difference's aside & help them or no one will see the days end.
Shades try's to take out the Guardian in a hail of bullets.
All in vain & he goes down leaving Slick as the only member of the Bash Street Gang standing.
A loud click.

Another loud click.
One more click & a rumbling is heard from over at the gate.
Slick's the first to react & make a run towards the now open gate.
Quickly followed by the others, the opening of the gate seems to have shut down the Guardian.
What will our hero's find on the other side ? come back soon to find out, but for now so my thanks to you know who for an enjoyable game  & as always my thanks to you for dropping in & if you'd care to comment it will be welcomed.


  1. Nice report.
    I like the objective markers, are they from a boardgame?

  2. Thanks Will, no mate I picked them up on Hols in Italy last year in a Harry Potter shop.

  3. Well done.
    Clear bases. Like the idea, but, I don't know, perhaps I'm too old to be taught new tricks. That being said, if I could get some I'd probably give them a go and see what they looked like.

    1. Thank's John, I've got to say I laughed when I read your to old as I'm no spring chicken myself & believe it or not used the same handle you use yourself at one stage lol

  4. Well done.
    Clear bases. Like the idea, but, I don't know, perhaps I'm too old to be taught new tricks. That being said, if I could get some I'd probably give them a go and see what they looked like.

  5. Interesting report. I'm thinking of getting into Pulp alley myself.

    1. Thanks Jason,I would highly recommend it's a very enjoyable game.