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Sunday 24 July 2016

Tricol, The inside of the Severed Head, part 1

I've spoken before about building sets for the inside of buildings like seen here
So the Severed Head is going to be the first of these sets, it will be 3X3 so that games can take place inside it, which means we've got to think of buildings like Doctor Who's Tardis which is bigger on the inside lol.
First thing I needed was a little plan of what it would look like, in other words what the lay out would be.
The Severed Head is Basically an old west saloon & with Panama Jack been fond of a flutter a place he's sure to like to visit if he can ever get off that perilous island.
To get things off to a good start I picked these up from a while back, note of warning these are meant for use with which is set at a bigger scale I think 35mm.
As you can see Jake is more like a smell child standing against the pool table.
So I cut the legs down & the pool table is a snooker which is 12X6 & feels about right in size.
 While the roulette  is bigger then it should be it does show off the detail better & will make it a bit easier to paint I hope.
Whats meant as a small safe Is now a large one & some of the stuff like the chairs & bar stools are way to big but I've ideas for them.
 Things like the poker table or the crap table have no markings & so where fine apart from just lowering them.
The bar & the pay-window cage (that you can see in the back round) where the one's that needed the most work on them, with me needing to turn the pay-window cage upside down to get it to work & then needlessly to say forget to take a picture after all my hard work lol, what that you say Jack ? how about a drink good idea lol

Well that's it for me as always my thanks for dropping in & if you'd care to leave a comment it would be welcomed.


  1. I have been thinking about making an order from Burn In Designs. Thanks a lot for the comparison shots.

  2. Their stuff is high quality Will & it's made of plywood not MDF.