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Saturday 2 January 2016

Time waits for no man

2016 another year starts & while I was more then happy with the amount of stuff I got done last year in a way a lot of it was wasted, how do you mean Frank you ask ? well it simple really, while I enjoyed all the stuff I did for 40K I've since gotten rid of it so from a certain point of view it was time wasted.
My new toy
For the coming year I don't see that happening as I don't see much other then stuff relating Tricol been done, but as always in life or at least in the hobby you no sooner say that then it changes lol, but as I'm at a point that I'm really enjoying & going in a diction I want to I think it's a safe bet

Panama Jack in his up coming adventure
So what has the year ahead got in store here on if it wasn't for one's ? well Panama Jack's adventure on the perilous island (the next game has been played out already) I've a Frostgrave event in the warroom in mid January & I hoping to get to warpcon at the end of January for some INQ28 action & needless to say there'll be reports here on the blog from both events.

The building up of Tricol will I hope be stepping up a gear in both places & the citizens that live their & talking of citizens I've finished off the one's I got awhile back from Black Scorpion the pictures are below & that leads nicely into the next part of this post photo's.
You see I was a good boy & Santa brought me a new camera so hopeful I'll be able to bring you better photo's as you'll see I've been trying things out a bit & also to this I want to start adding backdrops, the one in the pictures is just from a kids toy but it gave me something to toy around with, as you can see I've a long way to go.
The local friendly barman Walph not to be confused with my son-inlaw Ralph who is also a barman
I'm also hoping to move to a bigger hobby area & this will give more room for setting things up & give me more time to set things up a take pictures for when I do reports like Trouble in Dunmarn, I've read on other blog where the photo's for a report might have been taken over two days that's a luxury I don't have at present.
 These two photo's are the same but with the colour all but removed from one, something that might be handy for making stuff look as if it matches even when it doesn't.
As with all things it will take time to get things set up, time to get use to the new camera & time to get use to doing things a different way, but like the heading for this post says time waits for no man so I expect to have a busy year.
All of these models where done like the ladies in an earlier post where painted using mostly washes & I'm more then happy with the finished results, I find washes suit my style of painting more then paints & I've even started mixing washes to get different colours of different shades of colours.
Well that brings the what I hope will be the first of many posts this year to an end as ever my thanks for dropping in & if there are any little tips you can give me on taking photo's please comment below, or even if it's just to say hi your comment will be more then welcome, some more pictures below.


  1. I'm excited about your new camera! Great gift! Can't wait to see what Panama Jack does this year and I am very excited about the INQ28!

  2. Thanks for taking the time out to comment Mek, yep the camera is something I hope will be of a great help to me, I'm excited about INQ28 as well as it's a game I really enjoy & I've not played it in a long time.

    1. I wish I could get my friends excited about INQ28... I will have to live vicariously through you :)

  3. I've no problem with that mate but not sure how much of it I'll be playing, but rest assured there will be reports here on the blog.

  4. Congrats on the new camera!
    I like the sample background and am excited for the possibilities with Panama Jack.

    ...and no time spent with toy soldiers is wasted. (unless you are at a Kings of War Tournament and your opponent is a cheating lowlife, then yeah, waste of time) :)

  5. Thanks for the feed back Will & your right about the time with spent never been a waste that is unless like you said your up against a cheating lowlife & if you change KoW for 40K then I know what you mean.