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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Tricol, The jungle trail, a Pulp Alley AAR

Although speech with the native beastman was impossible Panama Jack & his crew manage to work out from his actions & a crude drawing he made in the sand that the best way to head inland was to follow the river.

The Severed Head lot where by this point no where to be seen on the beach & Jack reckoned they must have already headed off to start exploring this strange island, or maybe they just wanted to get as far away from that terror that had tried to tear Adele apart as they could.

It didn't take long before the jungle became very dense & the light faded to a twilight, the temperature also seemed to be rising & the air became very moist, it wasn't long before each one of them was covered in swathe & a feeling of been watched fell upon the crew, so much so that after a while Jack whispered to Lucinda to lead the crew on while he hide in the among undergrowth to see if he could spot anyone following them.

About ten minutes later he heard shooting & leaving his hiding place started running as to catch up with his crew, up ahead confusing had broken out, what had happened was this, the natives who seemed to appear & then disappear at will had started playing tricks on the crew & also on the Severed Head lot who happened to be on the other side of the river.

Having last seen the Hermes crew in the company of one of these natives on the beach the folks of the Severed Head assumed that they where now in league with them & had started to fire at both the natives & the Hermes crew who then of coarse started firing back but in the poor light it was impossible to see to far ahead.

I think we should try & catch some of these trouble makers Numbers said to Adele as I don't think their really up to much harm & from what I can see in this poor light they seem to be given the other lot as hard a time as us, so if we could catch one or two maybe they could lead us through this jungle into the heart of the island where the page you retrieved from the boat says we should go.

Try & catch them they may be able to help us Adele called out, it was at this point that Jack caught up with the crew & hearing what Adele had called out ordered his crew to do the same, after all a good idea was a good idea no matter who came up with it first.

Jack then decided to try & cross the river to see if he could talk to one of the others about maybe instead of trying to kill each other every chance they got to try & work together in the hope of finding the Tech-priest & then finding away off this island.

After awhile the natives seemed to grow tired of what ever game it was they where playing on these new people to their land & started allowing themselves to be caught, but for all that time Jack had no luck with his plan & when he did catch up with Maggie he had to knock her on her back & make a run for it, as she had no other thought other then to try to remove his head from his shoulders what a fearsome women Jack thought to himself as he got away.

Designers note, the above story is just my way of moving things forward but the game as it always does has an effect on that story, as in the reason for Jake going into hiding was own to the fact that Paddy when he rolled on the events table got the one where a random member of his league didn't start until turn two.
The mission been played out was the jungle trail & in hind sight adding the river while cool for the story had a not so good effect on the game, with it been extremely perilous & with line of sight down to 12" it keep the two teams apart & free to chase after the natives with little danger, but that been said it was still a fun game with both teams ending up with two minor plot points each.

Below are all the pictures of the game, so I'll finish up with my thanks & a well done to Paddy on coming back from 2-0 down & as always my thanks to you for dropping in & if you'd like to leave a comment I be very grateful.  


  1. That is a great river setup. As you introduce new places for Tricol, it really seems to have the realistic variety of an acutal place.

  2. Thanks for the feed back Will, I feel like the more stuff I get built the more options I have, but I still have a hell of a long way to go before we get to the heart of things.