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Monday 18 January 2016

Things turn frosty in the Warroom

I headed down to the Warroom on Saturday to take part in a Frostgrave event, now those of you that come here often will know I'f not a fantasy guy but the Si-fi  type, still a chance to roll dice with the guys down there is always welcome, plus for some unknown reason Frostgrave seemed to have taken my attention.
My Hero's

So it was time to put on a pointy hat (I'm not talking about the kind I use to put on in school while standing in the corner) & enter into a long dead world that is the city of Felsted, a place where reward & death lurk in equal measure, could I someone who'd never played the game before & only read the rulebook once survive such a terrible place ?
One of the stunning tables

The terrain as you can see (I hope from the photo's) was excellent & I was using a warband painted by Ugo one of the top painter in Ireland imo (thanks mate) so all was good, so my first venture into Felsted seen me face off against John, n I'm not going in to battle reports here so the high point of the game will have to do you & that was a snow leopard who's attention John had brought to himself rolling the perfect 20 while in combat with John's wizard, worse was to follow for poor John when in the after game phase he rolled a 1 on the table to fine out the faith of his wizard, well lets just say he's now a frozen addition to the city.
The end of the game seen me finish on 240exp's  
He's behind you the snow leopard come's for John's wizard

Game two & it was getting like that part in Jurassic park with Mr DNA hello John why hello John hello John, yep I was playing another guy called John, as I went back in to the Felsted to seek out more of it's riches among the forzen ruins, for this game each player put down 6 treasure tokens each & when one of your guys gets to try to claim them you roll, on a 1-10 its a zombie on an 11+ it a treasure, high point of this game been able to find 6 zombie's before we found any treasure, with your's truly finding 4 of them.
The game ended with me finishing on 260exp's for a total of 500exp'e for my 2 games
It's a brove knight that ventures into the dark places of the world

To the finial game of the day with my wizard now at level 5 what could possible go wrong ? this time I was playing I think his name was Dean, (I really am bad with names)  not only did we end up having to fight off a snow troll who came wondering by but there was also a giant worn to contend with & had a 100exp's on his head, high light in this game had my wizard going down to his last heath point but he bravely held on & returned just a little worse of wear & tear.
The game end with finishing on 360exp's for a total of 860exp's which meant I was I was the best darn wizard to enter Felstad that day.
My reward

My thought's on the game ? Frostgrave is a simply claver little game & very good fun to play, a low cost  to buy into more so if your already a fantasy player of any kind, the rules are while simple enough to get even someone like me able to play straight out of the block's there is still enough of tactics in the game to make it interesting & enough of random elements to stop it ever been a powergames fix.
one of my archers takes up a good spot high up 

Yep you can play your level 20 wizard against a new one just starting out but there is no guarantee he'll make it back out of Felstad & when you role on that table you just might find yourself looking for a new hero.
Joseph A. McMullough who came up with the game & who also sent over some goods to be given out as prizes has done a great job with this game & I'll give him a big well done & a big thanks for the prize support, I would also like to thank all those that where in the Warroom playing both Frostgrave & Kings of War for helping to make yet again a viste to the Warroom a very enjoyable day out, & as always my thanks to you for dropping in & if you'd like to leave a comment it would be most welcome.  
More pictures below, just click on to enlarge them


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