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Thursday, 28 January 2016

INQ28 The arrival

After a boring & uneventful couple of weeks space travel the Inquisitional warband arrive at an IG base on the planet Fentis, where they find things sliding towards a state of chaos.
A view of the base as the valkyrie prepares for landing 

Capetillo is given the all clear to disembark over the voxs by the pilot, as the valkyrie comes to rest on the landing pad 

Capetillo leads the way with Gnut in the rear 

As they make their way to the admins building

Their watched by a guard in the north-east watchtower 
With the events Fentis taking place this weekend I though it was time to get the team planetside, I've not played Inquisitor in a long time & am really looking forward to the weekend in Cork, a place I always enjoy going to.

I will of coarse be doing a full report on the happens on Fentis here on the blog, will Capetillo & the team make it back in one piece ? you'll have to call back to find out, but until then as always my thanks for dropping in & if you'd care to leave a comment it would be most welcome.  


  1. Great prelude. That's a really good looking setup, and it sounds like a great event.

    Good luck

  2. Thanks Will, sadly the prelude is all we'll get as the event was cancelled at the last minute, leaving me out of pocket & none to happy.

    But the real down side to it all is it will be even harder for anyone to try to organise an event in the future.

  3. Sorry to hear that. Yeah, failed events have that cascade effect on future events.

  4. Thanks Will & your right as it becomes a case of once bitten, on the plus side we did get a game of PA in over the weekend so not all bad.