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Friday 15 January 2016

INQ28 The calling

Were an unlikely group Guiller Capetillo thought to himself as he looked at the four others stood before him, news had just come to him this morning about events on Fentis in the Gravis Sector.
Capetillo brief's the team

How many times has he asked this lot to give there all & then some over the years in the name of the Emperor of Mankind? & given it they had freely with little thought of themselves & now he must ask again for each of them to risk their lives on a distance planet that they had most likely never heard of.

Gnut was the first one of them he befriend, that was long ago when he was a member of Inquisitor Del Torres warband, of coarse Gnut had his own legs in those days but his left arm had already been fitted with the lacerator, Capetillo  knew that the big Ogryn would go right through the Eye of Terror if he ask him to & would never question why.

The Drill Abbot Augustine Greek had been next to cross his path, this was a short while after the explosion that had claimed the live of Inquisitor Del Torres & the rest of the warband & Gnut his two legs, it was only my ability to throw a psychic shield around myself that had save me Capetillo thought.

It sadden Capetillo to think that the Warlock Shang Tsung was still at large putting to use his evil powers for those that where willing to pay, some day I'll bring the Emperor's justice down on his head, with the help these brave souls & their was not doubting the Drill Abbot's bravery a former priest in the Imperial Guard, Greek had then taken a post in an Abbey training up & coming priest in the ways of warfare before deciding he wanted to fight the enemy within & had sought Capetillo (who had just become an Inquisitor) saying that while in prayer he'd been told to do so.

Rouxinal had been the next to join if you could call it that, as do servitors really have a choice in such things ? & yet Capetillo believed that at some level Rouxinal did, it was when chasing a dangerous foe  across a junkyard that Capetillo had come across him, Rouxinal was apart of the automated system.
Just as it seemed his foe would escape Rouxinal had picked up a shovel & knocked the assailant out cold with one blow.
Capetillo had located the owner of the yard & informed him how the Inquisition would be grateful if he'd be willing to turn over what was know to him as servitor F2H93, F2H93 had seemed to have what was unusual for a servitor a mind of his own & had insisted from the start that he be called Rouxinal, & it was this ability to think for himself as well as been able to do all the things that servitors where programmed to do that had since made Rouxinal a vital member of the force.

Last but by no means least was Bror von Blixen-Finecke a man from a privileged back round & who's deadeye shot with his hunting rifle was a tool in his box that Capetillo could now not do with out.
It had been on Ragidell IV that Capetillo had come to meet von Blixen-Finecke who was there for the hunting season, been of a wealthy family von Blixen- Finecke had spent his days travelling from world to world hunting the most dangerous animals & playing games of chance but was bored with life & wanted something more.
Von Blixen-Finecke

While out on the balcony in a hotel (that Capetillo happened to be staying in at the same time & who's room was next to von Blixen-Finecke) von Blixen-Finecke attention had been drawn to an incident that was taking place over 500 yards down the street (507.5 to be precise von Blixen-Finecke would tell you) a man had bust into the street holding a gun to a women's head followed by what looked like the local law enforcers, now to von Blixen-Finecke way of thinking no act of violence towards a lady was except-able & so it was that quick as a flash he want inside grabbed his rifle retuned to the balcony took a steady aim & put a bullet through the left eye or the gunman.

Hearing the boom of the rifle Capetillo rushed out on to the blacony & seen von Blixen-Finecke with the rifle in his hands ordered him to put in down in the name of the Inquisition, been bored but not stupid von Blixen-Finecke did has asked before telling Capetillo what had just happened on the street & that he'd just put a bullet in the left eye of the man now lying dead on the ground, somehow Capetillo knew this was the truth & thinking to himself that that was a shot that a member of the Adeptus Astartes would be hard push to make, asked him if he might have a talk with him about putting his skill to a greater use.  

& what of myself ? I've had an interesting journey from when I was a small boy in the hive slums of Orterous Minor, where my  psychic ability brought me to the attention of Inquisitor Del Torres, the Inquisitor had spared me from the black ships & had instead taken me under his stewardship given my life a direction, Del Torres had been everything to Capetillo & he missed him sourly even to this day.
Inquisitor Capetillo

My friends I've received word from the conclave this morning said Capetillo there is some kind of an uprising on the planet of  Fentis in the  Gravis Sector, not so unusual in its self, but this time it is believed by some in the higher places of the Ordo Hereticus that there is something more sinister a foot & we've been charged with investigating events there, we are to make ready for departure by days end & should arrive by the last days of this month, of what monsters & madmen awaits us I've no idea but it is the Emperors will that we should go forth to serve his justest.

Designer note, with me heading down to Warpcon in a couple of weeks to take part in an INQ28 campaign, I was asked would I do a little writhe up on my warband & why they might be on Fentis,
I didn't want to just writhe a little history about each member like von Blixen-Finecke been upper classed & a hunter, so I decided to do it by having Capetillo have a little flash back of how he came upon each of them before once again asking them to risk their life's & so how his warband came to be, this will give the GM a bit of a feel for my warband & give him an idea of how they might go about things.

Would an Inquisitor have such thoughts ? I think some would, while all would be single mined in what needs to be done in the name of the Emperor, as after all they are only human & there would be as many different type's of inquisitors as their would be anything else, at the heart of the game Inquisitor is story telling & that is what I tried to do above give the warband a little bit of history, for all the faults there might be in the game of Inquisitor there is no other GW game that captures the grim dark like Inquisitor, & I'm really looking forward to playing INQ28 again at the end of the month & who know maybe beyond that.

Well that's it from me as always my thanks for dropping in & if you'd care to leave a comment it would be most welcome.



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    1. Thanks Mek, the event is in two weeks time & I'm really looking forward to it.

  2. Well thought out. It looks like the right group for the event.

    1. Thanks Will, it should be an enjoyable outing.