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Monday 1 February 2016

Tricol, Swamped Pulp Alley AAR

I don't think this is the right way Lucinda said to Jack, it a pity we couldn't have kept that native with us & where the hell as Mr Smith gone to she added?

At least the jungle is tinning out said Jack, look there's a big hill in front of us so you head up & see what you can see & we''ll keep on this path it has to lead somewhere, as for Mr Smith he probable came across some smell & want to find out what it was I'm sure he'll be along shortly & with that Jack pushed on ahead.

We seem to be heading into some kind of valley & the ground under foot is getting very wet & squishes  thought  Jack, then he caught sight of what where 3 very strange looking statues a couple of hundred metre's further on.

Jack your heading into what looks like some kind of swampy valley, Lucinda called from the top of the hill just before a couple of bullet when pinging past her, its the Slaughtered Head lot she roared returning fire.

Seen some of the old foe dashing across the valley a bit further on Jack & the crew rush to the statues for some cover, trying to catch us in a cross fire are they, but before they ever got to the statues the Hermes crew had something else to worry about as what could only be thought of as grotesque beings started to rise out from the ground.

What in the Emperor's name are those things Olsan asked Felix, I've no idea the Priest replied but my guess would be nothing friendly, they seem to be in some way linked to the statues, we'll have to investigate the statues Jack he added.

On ahead the the guys from the Slaughtered Head where having the same troubles as the fowl abominations rose up to greet them, Mad Willie open up on the nearest one to him quickly followed by Pops, as Maggie & X4Y rushed them,

Numbers terrified as he was came to the same conclusion as Felix in that the statues might hold the key to these things & moved to the nearest one, been careful not to come to near to what he could now see where zombies.

As fast as the two leagues could put down the zombies it was not fast enough & their number where growing by the minute. all of this was of unknown to Adele who had stayed behind a rocky outcrop & was behind the bullets that had swizzled by Lucinda's head who she was now involved in a fire-fight with.

It was only upon the end of her dealings with Lucinda that Adele became aware of the troubles of her friends as she moved out from behind the outcrop, hang on lads I'm coming to help she called out before ungracefully tripping up.

It soon became clear that battle as they may there way no way for our hero's to get the better of these terrible foe who's number's where multiplying even faster then ever & so both leagues pulled back to go in search of another way to reach the centre of the island where they hoped they might find the Tech-priest.

Designers note, I think this was probably the most enjoyable game of PA that I've played so far despite get well beaten (2-0 to Paddy) & want some way to make up for the disappointment of the INQ28 event getting canned, so sorry dear readers but there will be no  INQ28 report.

If you've not had your fill of zombies yet, or are missing the walking dead all the pictures from the game will be below, but I'm going to finish up now with my thanks & well done to Paddy & as always my thanks to you for dropping in & if you care to leave a comment it would be most welcome.


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