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Thursday 5 March 2015

40K how to twin-linked devourers & Leprecon

Everything to been told is a lie, the great intro to Inquisitor & very rev-lent as regaurds my list for the up coming Leprecon, you see even though I've sent in my list 2 weeks back the weather & a little trip to the eternal city means that my sisters are nothing short of a mess.
Did GW build this ?

The result is I'll be bring hive fleet Nagaina will be descending on Leprecon instead & at this point of my 40K rehab it is maybe just as well, I mentioned before in other posts where I wanted to be able to go to tournaments with an army that can compete & while the sisters are not as bad as some would have you believe they really do have some short comings in the world of flyers & super heavy walkers.
From right to left Tom, Dick & Harry

Which brings us to the need for twin-linked devourers  & the little how to, now there,s nothing overly complexed  & the pictures will show you all you'll need to know if you want to do some home made one's, if on the other hand you've got a few bob to spend then head over to forge world.
The bits you'll need

Your back then ? right on with the rest of the post, I head into this event a bit of a 7th ed newB so I'll not be setting the bar to high as to how well I do, all that's important at this stage is that I can put up a fight & enjoy myself doing so.
Where to make the cut.

So what would be a good days return for me points wise ? well there'll be 3 games over the day with 20 battle points to be won in each game so 60 in total on the day, it is a two day event but I won't be attending on day two.
Again where to cut.

A return of 20pts would leave me happy 30+ very happy & 40+ over the moon, but it really is more about me getting back into playing 40K in this form & if I can do that then it won't matter if I finish with no points at all.
Remove the little spiky bits. 

Sadly I don't think the numbers for the event are to high which is more then likely going to mean I'll end up playing a club mate & while I'm more than happy to play club mate it is nice to come up against what a mate of mine like to re-fare to as new blood, this doesn't not mean he wants seal cubs just guys that he doesn't plat to often.
Glue together.

I'd a game last night with what this list will be made up of but as that game was at 1850pts & the tournament is at 1650pts I've a little bit of trimming to do, I also need to decide on what type of template weapon to give the flyrants.
Glue to arm.

Do I go with the electroshock grubs giving me a S5 AP5 flamer weapon with haywire which I would need to kill the likes of landraiders or knights, or do I go with the shreddershard bettles which is S3 AP- Reading & shred quite udefull for getting rid of bikers.

Queenie  with her new weapons

If you ever wondered if GW do go over the top with some of there wonderful scale & art work, take a trip to Rome & the Vatican to find your answer, I won't spoil it but it might just not be as ott as you think.
Nice view from up here.
Well that's it for this post I hope you enjoyed it & if your a nid player found it useful, I'll do a post Leprecon report & let you all know how hive fleet Nagaina got on but for now my thanks for dropping in.


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  2. That's a neat conversion, well done! I balked at making my twin-linked devourers arm mounted, as I have seen too many of them done poorly. It bugged me, so I torso mounted them instead.

    1. Nice choice of phase Marc, it bugged me lol I agree it is very easy to get this kind of thing wrong.