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Sunday, 22 March 2015

40K Squad Holden gets a Rhino.

Before I start I like to point something out, in my last post I said I picked up a knight in the shop & put up a picture of a lovely painted knight, I hope I didn't mislead anyone, the knight in that picture & in the one below is a club mates who I happen to play the week before & while I wouldn't have mined buying should a nicely painted model I don't think Stephen would have sold it to me.

A while back I said in a post that my aim was to try to get maybe 5 models of a tank or some other thing painted each week, now no sooner had I posted that then the weather got bad & I had a nice little trip away & then there was a bit of side tracking with the nids but fear not I've not forgotten the sisters & have been working away on them none the less.

With winter fading quickly & long days a head I feel I should be really able to put a hole in this army & need to as its part of my hobby to do list.

I'm really happy the way the added sister with the stormbolter turned out & can now look forward to a life where my rhinos will always have a stormbolter.

It does slow things down a small bit as I now have to paint a sister to go with the rhino but its a small price to pay, the squad with the rhino below where the first sisters I painted so nice to have their ride done as well.
Squad Holden & their transport

Well short & sweet this time out, as always my thanks for dropping in.


  1. That's really nice work with the stormbolter sister. It looks great and fits perfectly ;-)

  2. Thanks Marc, I was happy with the way it turned out.