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Monday 16 March 2015

40K Assassin Freed ?

+++ Transmitted : Deep Space Surveyor station Zeta-1-1-1 ............
+++ Received : Astropath Zemmond .......................................
+++ Destination  : Inquisitor Auel Brybycin ...............................
+++ Mission Time : 8 080 988 M41 ..........................................
+++ Telepathic Duct :  Terminus Kaleb ....................................
+++ Ref  : Ordo/Hereticus/33570845/GT .................................
+++ Author : Inquisitor Chang Koth ........................................

By the Authority of the Immortal Emperor of Mankind, this surveillance report is classified information of Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor Auel Brybycin (or his duly appointed deputies ) eyes-only.

Priority Grade : Omega-Absolutum
Re : Celexus Assassin/ 487543/W

Inquisitor, the location of the Assassin in question has been tracked to the Space Wolves penal colony asteroid Rura Penthe. Surveillance by deep space augur has produced picts of the prison facility and indications from visual survey and astropath intercepts are that there is a Battalion of Class Designation CAD and Battle Strength Index 1801 present on the asteroid. Assets appear to be those expected of a standard Space Wolf prison detail detachment including rapid response units. Picts are sufficient to show stationary vehicles present at the facility however the temporal sensitivity of the augur machine spirit does not allow us to identify moving troops. The centre of the facility has a walled compound that is impervious to our Astropaths and we believe this is where the Assassin is imprisoned. The pict shows this location.

The fist the Space Wolf's knew of the attack was a rhino been melted just as the dawn was breaking, then the cry's came from the long fangs in the watch towers, vehicles approaching quickly from the North-West.

Engines screamed as the stormwolf that had been sitting on the landing pad took to the sky's, this is claw 1 came the report back from the pilot the vehicles are for the Inquisition & Sisters of battle, going in for an attack run over.

At the same time the long fangs up in the watchtowers open up with krak missiles & lascannons & soon the only sound that could be heard for miles was that of exploding vehicles, but still the attacker's push on, now supported by a vulture gunship hovering above the landing pad unleashing the full furry of it punisher cannons into the terminators guarding the assassin, it was now clear what this attack was all about, the Inquisition wanted their pet back.

As the battle guards on their thunder mounts rushed from the gates each one leading a pack of Fenrisian wolf's, Inquisition henchmen & battle sisters where exiting from their rhino's, immolators, razorbacks & chimera's, while at the same time with exact military precision the first wave of storm-troopers where starting to land inside the walls of the prison using their grav chutes to jump from low flying valkyries.

Now the war was fought on both sides of the wall which was stretching the smaller force of the wolf's & soon all that was left of their forces outside of the walls was a brave lone wolf in terminator armour who bellowed out to day is a good day to die as he smashed into a combat squad of deathwatch marines that had jump down from the back of a valkyrie as it came in low.

Sensing that now was a good time to try to get free the assassin slipped free of his chains of his chains & assaulted the two remaining terminators after the other had die to the inferno pistol of a canoness who along with her command squad had smashed through  the walls in a razorback.

In the back of the valkyrie Major Dell & his command squad where getting knocked & rocked as the pilots swung the plane from side to side trying to dodge the stormwolf that was on it tail, something had gone wrong with their drop leaving far from the action so a valkyrie had doubled back to pick them up.

He could only hope that they would now get there in time, as over the vox-caster he could hear that heavy loss where been taking on bout sides, if it the Emperors will he & his men will be victorious this day.

  For many hours the battle raged both in the air & on the ground & many a brave man & woman layed  down their life's some in the brutal act of close, while for others it was before their feet ever touched, cut down as they descended from the skies.

Aided by the canoness the assassin finally managed to break free only to be recaptured again be the lone wolf who in turn was cut down by a hail of shots from the stormtropper command squad to once again give the assassin his freedom & just when it looked like he might get away he was knocked from his feet by a hovering stormwolf & dragged away by some long fangs, at this point the Inquisition assault flounder and their forces started to withdraw their mission uncompleted. 

This was a special mission that very quickly turned into a special game, a game that really had everything & that want more or less to the wire with the Doc needing to role a 3+ in the running stage of his last turn to recapture the assassin for the win, but in a game like this there really is no loser.

The idea behind the mission & the special rules for it can be found here for anyone who's interested 

What I didn't know at the time of writing it was the fact that the Doc had given the assassin model to my son-inlaw to give to me which he did sometime later, this was to lead to (yes you guessed it) me heading over to the Doc's without said assassin, but this in no way took away from the fun or enjoyment of the game.

The intro to this game along with the picture where sent to me by e-mail from the Doc & I'm sure you'll agree it was a nice little touch as it really add some flavour to the whole thing, so well done on that mate & on the wonderful table you set up for us to fight on.

I'll rap up this post with a big thanks to the Doc for a great game & as you won & there for still have the assassin we might have to do it all again sometime lol & my thanks to you for dropping in & as tomorrow is Paddy's day may your dice have all the look of the Irish.




  1. Epic fun game and an afternoon well spent, thanks again mate.

  2. Your most welcome Doc & your right an afternoon well spent mate.

  3. I had to laugh when I saw the miniatures on the floor; that usually happens at least once at all of my games. I have a friend who is notorious for knocking models off the table and then stepping on them when he tries to pick them up :-)

    1. We get that a lot as well Marc but that wasn't the case this time, we where just showing the result of a deep strike mishap as they scattered & misted the table lol