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Wednesday 4 February 2015

Hobby Waffle

This post is going to be just a basic waffle from me as with the cold weather I've done nothing on the hobby front, so if you want to stop now please feel free I promise I won't hold it against you, right I'll carry on then I'll be talking about a couple of things but I'm going to start with the necromunda campaign that I'm in.

Necromunda is a game by GW from the way back when & one that sadly I didn't get to play the first time round but better late then never right ? now while to someone who didn't know you might think that this game would be like 40K killteam but you'd be wrong.

While yes some of the rules are similar to 40k & with stats line like in 40k this game plays very different & is very enjoyable, yes from a business point I can understand why GW dumped this game a long with others but it is one that if you can you should give it a try, I've another game to night & can't wait.

Next up a bit of waffle on 40K, as you now I'm playing with my sisters these days & while last time out they where on their own that won't always be the case but for the moment I'm trying out different things to see where I can go with them.

40k is a game that is pumping out stuff at an unbelievable rate at the moment which should help to keep it exciting & fresh, not sooner had the crons dex dropped then the harli's where in coming.
The crons like the gray knights was really just a codex update as there was not to many new models.

I think the crons are still an unusual dex as just like the gray knights there is not really a unit in it that is no use & this is something that GW should be trying to make happen with all the codices, the harli's is one that has got certain players watering at the mouth for & if GW can pull this off in a fair & balanced way will be a great addition to the game.

After that I've no idea what dex will be next but I've a feeling in my bones that the sisters dex is not to far away & this is something that would have my on edge, as yes new models & units would be most welcome, the fact that GW would be after putting so much money into it might lead to a very bent dex with all the bandwagons jumping on it.

So if the sisters did get a new dex what would I like to see ? well I can tell you here & now it's not plastic sisters LOL as I plenty of sister models already, so the wish list would be something like this.
1) A flyer would be most welcome as at this stage I believe their the only army without one, to fit in with what the sisters are melta flamer & bolter weapons are what I like to see keeping with the holy trinity.
2) Plastic penitent engine 's would also be very welcome but I think would need something is their rules that would enable them to have a chance to get into combat.
3) Repentia that had some use as I think at this stage they might be the worse unit in the game.
4) Acts of faith, I love the idea behind these but need to be done in away that their all useful.
5) One or two new units.

Other waffle get back to playing pulp alley as this game offers so much & has so much that I want to do with it, there are other games that I want to play as well like imperial assault that I got as an xmas present, well that it for now so as always my thanks for dropping in.    


  1. 40K was very rich in gaming experiences 20 years ago. People were playing 40K scale, larger scale engagements with Epic 40K, and skirmish style Necromunda, Space Hulk and Gorkamorka (never got into it myself). There were so many ways to engage with the universe and each one was different. Shoe-horning it all into 40K was good from a logistical point of view, but I miss the variety.

  2. I couldn't agree with you more Marc, you've hit the nail on the head there mate.