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Saturday 14 February 2015

40K 7th ed newb

I was in the club on Wednesday night & with my necromunda game over, we had a 3 way just kill the other person fun game not the kind to do a writhe up on but just to let you know I once again failed my LD test & ran away, so I'm thinking of calling them the brave Sir Robin gang lol.

If you don't get the reason behind the name go watch Monty Python's holy grail movie, any way where was I ? oh yes after my game was over I started watching two of the lads 40K game & as one of them was drawing his to cards at the start of his round the other player said you get one this round as you hold one objective.

This had me confused, so I asked what has the amount of objectives he's holding got to do with how many cards he gets ? well it turns out that this is how one of the missions works, (thanks for that guys) any way I carried on watching the game, but when driving home I got to thinking on things.

So I come to the conclusion that while I might be a 40K vet I am in fact also a  7th  ed newB be about 8 months after 7th ed came out, in all that time I've played very little 40k I'd guess no more then 20 games & some of them have been special missions.

The more I think on it I can only really remember playing 3 of the new missions, the one where each player get's 3 cards each, the one where you don't show the other player what cards you have until you achieve it & the one where you start with six & have less each turn

I know now that there's one based on how many objectives you hold but don,t how many you start with as you could start your first turn holding no objectives (think drop pod marines) so does that mean you've none for your first turn ? or do you always have to have at least one ? I'm kind of half thinking that you do but no sure.

What the other two missions are at this point in time I honestly have no idea, I'm sure that when the rule book came out I looked to see what they all where but for the life of me can't remember.

Well what's all this got to do with the price of onions I hear you ask ? well the thing is I'm going to take part in the first day of a tournament in 3 weeks, now as I'll be away for one that means that more then likely I'm only going to play 2 games of 40K between this & then ( yes I could arrange that its those 2 missions that I play) I'm more likely then going to go without having played all of the missions before.

Also to added to the fun, tournaments have a different way of working out who won the game from the rule book, so not only have I not played all the missions before I've not played any game of 7th ed the way they'll be played at the tournament, throw into the mix that I haven't even designed an army list yet to use, never mind played with it & it should all add up to an interesting day.

That's it from the 7th ed newB so as always thanks for dropping in.