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Sunday, 8 February 2015

40K the long & winding road

As part of my given 40k one more try I feel that I need to be able to take part in tournaments, now don't get me wrong I'm in no way thinking of going back to the power gamer I once was, nor do I have any ambition to try to win one, but I do want to go with a list I feel can make a game of things.

I have in the pasted tried to go to tournaments with lists that if I'm honest about it where crap & while I don't mind losing for me going to a tournament with a crap list is point less as at heart I'm a competitive person.

Ok what's above  unless you know my very well doesn't make much seance now does it? when I started tournament play first I built what I believed was the best list I could & would go in the hope that I might win, now the last time I done that would have been in early 5th ed, even though I've gone to tournaments since then.

So the grand plan is to sign up to a two day event but only to play in the first day, confused you most likely are lol, by only playing in the first day I get to see people I only ever get to see at these things plus I get to play some competitive games without ever having to put myself through the ringer that is two days of competitive gaming, I'm not getting any younger you know.

Now like I said above I've not built a competitive list for a tournament since early 5th ed so rusty I most certainly am plus as I haven't brought models in a long time I don't have any of the newest must haves.

I'm taking my sisters & yes I do feel I can make a competitive list using sisters, but it won't be sisters on there own, I'll be adding some IG into the mix with a pinch of inquisition, well it would be rude not to now wouldn't it ?

Building a list, which I'm not doing here btw just briefing over some of what i think are some of the questions I think I need to ask myself ( boy was this much easier back in 5th) when trying to put a list together these days.

Based on the models I've got & the type of army I'm running, first question flyers do I take any ?
Lets see, sisters don't have any & fw models are not allowed so that brings it down to two types of flyers the valkyrie or the vendetta both good flyer's btw in my book, but both the kind that you need to take more then one of, which I have but I think 7th ed can punish you if you sink to many points into flyers, plus I think the wolf's & cron's are on top of the tree here while armies like tau & eldar just blow flyer's away, no flyers for me then.

Next up are psykers, this one for me is a no brainer as in I feel you need to take lots or none, don't get me wrong this just like the flyers above is very depending on the armies you face, but with Elder been the top army out there & others using gk & marines for other tricks you'll find there just could be game where these points might not be worth anything, so just like with the flyers it's no psykers.

At 1650pts I find trying to build the list a real challenge as you don't seem to be able to get all the toys that you'd like in, at least I don't seem to be able to but that's part of the fun imho, now needless to sat there are some units & wargear in these codices's that just pick themselves, but the trick is to try to get the balance right.

Did I get the balance right ? well we know more about that in a month's time & as I said I'm a bit rusty when it come's to this kind of thing so most likely it'll turn out I should have brought both flyers & psykers, so on that happy thought I'll finish up & as always my thanks for dropping in.      


  1. NWG allows FW :)

    I am not sure about dropping out on day2 of an event though. Day2 should have closer games with less yo/yo-ing than day 1.

  2. I know NWG allows FW mate that why it my favourite, as for dropping out after day one tbh I find 2 days of intense gaming to much, as I said above I'm not getting any younger Darra.

  3. I have 3 new additions that I can place at your disposal ser. Pask and a Plasmacutioner , an Executioner and a Hellhound.

  4. Thanks for the offer Doc but with the amount of models I've got I'm not going to go borrowing some.