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Sunday 31 August 2014

Looking a head Pulp Alley

In my last post as part of my challenge I said I wanted to start playing Pulp Alley, well I've taken my first step & have ordered the rulebook & gaming cards, of coarse no sooner had I done that when the real life think I was on about a couple of post back jumped in & now I'm heading to Cork in the morning for a few days.

Not that I complain about going to Cork as I love the place & am even a honour y Cork man in the gaming world of Ireland.
But anyway back to what this post is about Pulp Alley, now while taking up a new game can be great I think the hardest thing about it is finding people to play it with you, this can really be a big factor if the game requires a big investment, luckily for me this is not the case with Pulp Alley as all I've got to buy is the book & the cards.

From what I've pick up from reading about this game on other blog's it seems to be exactly what I've been looking for for a while now, while I like 40K 7th ed as a game I find it a game I don't get to many laughs out of these days, as where with INQ28 we seemed to do nothing but laugh while we where playing it for all that games faults.

Now one of the things I picked up on about Pulp Alley is that each player has a warband which if I'm right is called a league, so that got me thing a long the lines of what would I like my league to be.
If you can remember back to when I was playing INQ28 I had started to add a character by the name of Panama Jack who I'd made up a model for & a bit of back round story, which can be seen
 & (

So that might be a diction to go as I liked Jack as a character, plus I think there's a good solid back round base to build on, I've some other models done aswell that I think might be a nice fit with Jack but I don't want to go to far down that road until I've got the rulebook.

As alwas my thanks for dropping in & I hope you drop back from time to time to see how I get on with Plup Alley.  

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