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Sunday 17 August 2014

Throwing to the wolfs & a good dose of poison

So I've been to the war room & back for what was my first 40k tournament in a long time & had a fun & interesting day out, for a one day tournament they got a good turn out of I think about 16 players, which might not seem like a lot to some over sea's readers who are use to tournaments with a 100 players or more, but this is Ireland & the way the tournament seen here has gone lately believe me when I say this was a good turn out.

How did Hive Fleet Nagaina I hear you ask? well your just going to have to read on to find out now aren't you lol but for myself I had a fun day out but one thing is still true about tournaments & that is the best thing about them is getting to meet old friends, throw a few dice & have some giggles & while I know I'll never go back to been the tournament player I once was I feel I can now go to the odd one & have a good day out.

On with the show game one Bria,n's lovely spacewolf's, a great way to start the day off , because not only is his army fab Brain is a very nice bloke & fun to play.
Now as most of you know I'm not one for doing in depth battle reports, but here's what I shouldn't have done, starting with the rippers on the table & giving up a handy first blood.
Other big point of the game was the fex's failing the charge against the long fangs & paying the price.
Result a 10 all draw.

Second game & it my good friend Doc Slow using yes you guessed it spacewolf's, now while (& I hope he doesn't mind me saying this) the Doc's army wouldn't be of the same slandered paint wise as Brian's, it is none the less for a man that doesn't like painting a very nice army with one stand out model the Caestus which was painted by a good friend of our's Oriol who sadly head back to Spain a few years back.

The game like all my game's with the Doc was very enjoyable & like a lot of my games with the Doc has a couple of things in it that we'll chat & giggle about long after we've for gotten the game it's self.
The first of these was me spawning gunts to from a ring around my big bugs to stop his thunder puppies from getting at them.

This lead to the Doc coming out with those famous word by Gandalf in Lord of the Rings, thy shall not past, bot of coarse this was to turn out not to be ture as I fired a heavy venom cannon which scattered killed a few gunts & left a nice big hole in the wall for the pups to get through & eat my warlord lol.

The other high light came as I knew it would from that new gun the wolf's have the frost cannon or what ever it's called, now to be honest I've a bit of a pet hate for weapons with thes kind of added on rules & with go reason as they always seem to work on me.

So needless to say the Doc shot my t'fex &wounded it which then meant I'd to take a T test, but he's T6 & the name of this blog is if it wasn't for one's for a good reason so what could possible go wrong ? how about me having to roll a dice ? & yes you've guessed it I rolled a 6 which in fairness I had called as I'm a believer in the old saying that anything that can go wrong will go wrong.
Result 20 0 to the Doc.

There ended my dealings with the wolf's & next up was Ugo with his beautiful Death Guard army, now that just doesn't seem right does it ? putting the word beautiful anywhere near a Death Guard army, but none the less like all of Ugo's armies it is a work of art, my look was really in as I got to play against the two nices army in the event, now if only I could say the same for my dice.

Even though I know Ugo a long time I do believe that this was my first time ever to play him, that something that can happen in this hobby.
So down to the game & while like my other two games it was very enjoyable, the most stand out thing in this game was Ugo's flyer which was a FW Avenger strike fighter that he was using as a helldrake, but thats not what made the model interesting no it was the fact that Ugo took his dremel to it & decided to nurgle it up a bit, I've got to say I admire these guys do are willing to this kind of thing.

But there I go off track again, as I expected Ugo was a gentleman to play & we a fun close game, for me i was to learn (i case I didn't all ready know) that big bugs don't like poison, in fact I was starting to get the feeling that big bugs don't like anything.
Result 12 10 win to Ugo.

On to my last game of the day & the larger then life & always bubbly Caolan who hails from the wonderful part of the world West Cork, as I've not gone to tournaments a lot lately I hadn't played Caolan in a long time & that is the down side of not going to tournaments.

On to the game & Caolan was running a DE army with planty of yes you've guessed it poison, by this time I think my dice had down graded to D3's as I seem incapable of destroying what is seen in the game as paper planes.

Anyway we pushed on & even though it was kill points I spawned a few gunts to try to at least kill something to save from been totally embarrassed & in the end I did at least get a few kill points & managed not to get tabled thanks to having one gunt & one ripper base left.
Result 20 0 to Caolan.

There end my return to 40k tournament play, I like to say well done to those that won something, so to Brian (from above) who won a box of dice by just beating me into last place, Daire 3rd Mr Paul second & Jiggy the over all winner, also to Ugo for best painted army & me who for some reason won a hug off Eoin the TO.

Also my thanks Brian, Doc, Ugo, Caolan for the games, Eoin for running the event & C-----s Nigel for having us all in his shop/club the seats alone where worth the trip down mate, & for you for dropping in I hope it was worth your while.



  1. Are the rubber bands for wounds? Clever idea if so and I bet the rise in Loom bands would make even handier ones being universal in size. I see the objective markers got a good run out too.

  2. It was a Strength test not a T test, it still required a 6 and Frank called it at the start if the game and not when I was shooting lol. Great fun as always mate, cheers for the giggles.

  3. Yep Dave the bands are a handy way of keeping track of wounds & your right the loom ones would be neater but as I had these ones before I seen the loom ones I just carried on with them, also the bands can be a handy way of marking spawned gunts by using different coloured ones on each brood.

  4. I stand corrected Doc but like you say same differences LOL