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Sunday 14 September 2014

Pulp Alley & Spacehulk returns again.

I got back from Scotland on Friday for a few days & waiting for me (apart from the wife, kids & dogs) was my copy of the rule book for pulp alley & the cards for the game.

Now I've got to be honest here & say that I haven't gone over the rulebook as much as I would have liked, but from what I've seen I think I've found a game that is going to give me a lot of fun & enjoyment over the coming years.

So what is pulp alley all about you might ask ? well basically it just like Indiana Jones it pays homages to all those Saturday afternoon movies I was brought up on, weather you want to be what was once upon a call the chap of the movie or the villain of the piece is up to you as you go about building your league of hero's.

Saturday afternoon (well really when else could it have been ) my son Paddy & myself got down to some action on the table top playing out the first scenario called smash & grab, which funnily enough seemed to build it's own it's very story, with each of the 5 objectives linking the game together.

There was a man with some information, a jewelled skull, contraband, plans  & a dismantled rocket-pack to fight over, with the later been the major plot point making it worth 3 vp's while the other where worth 1 vp each.

Sadly I didn't get any photo's of the game but it was fought out in a little industrial plant out in the middle of a jungle somewhere, with the man with the information hiding out around the back of one of the buildings, the dismantled rocket-pack been a little base I have with what looks like a lot of machinery parts on it which was hiding out in the jungle, with the other 3 been in barrel's around the complex.

If your imagination can't come up with a bit of a plot to tie all this together well then maybe pulp alley is not the game for you, luckily ours did & after a fun filled hour or so Panama Jack & his couple of side kicks had linked up with the man with the information & made off with the skull, unfortunately for me this was not enough as Paddy made of with the plans the rocket-pack & some contraband for good measure, giving Paddy a 5-2 win so well done to him, but I would imagine that Jack would be quick pleased with his jewelled skull, not bad for a Saturday afternoons work lol

I'll finish off with pulp alley on this finial note, having played a game I can see how easy it can be to start to add in little plots to bring one game into another, as if say I'd have got the plans we could have played our next game with Paddy trying to get them back to build his rocket-pack, but even as it was what to say that the information I was giving is not something that Paddy would need to get the rocket pack up & running & there in is narrative gaming.

Now for the second part of the show, which is of course the once again the release of GW's great game Spacehulk, Spacehulk is a game that I've been playing a long time & is a long with Space Crusade what got me into this hobby.

In fact my last game of Spacehulk only came last Wednesday week in the club against Jamie, & you can imagine my surprise when I retuned from the wilds of Scotland to turn on my computer to see it once again making a return, but sadly once again imho I think GW in their quest to make a fast buck have missed the boat.

Spacehulk been a fun & easy to play game should be a stepping stone to bring new blood into the hobby just like it was for me & should be about 50-60 Euro's to buy not the silly 100 or what ever it is that GW have priced it at.

Anyway unlike Pulp Alley I did happen to get some pictures of my Spacehulk game which Jamie won btw, but when playing games that you enjoy then there really is no loser's or so I keep telling myself to make up for the fact theat I'm crap LOL.

So I'll rap it up for this post with my thanks to Paddy & Jamie for the games & as always my thanks to you for dropping in, as if it wasn't for ones just wouldn't be the same without you.          


  1. It might be worth your time checking out battle systems games for adding to your Space hulk games. They look might pretty