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My Blog List

Friday 15 August 2014

A 40K sign up & a blog roll update.

In a mount of madness I've sighed up to a year of getting things done in your hobby, now don't get me wrong this is in fact a great way to get yourself focused on getting a lot of those things done that you've been meaning to get done for like ever.

Anyway I'm not going to get in to it all here I'll just instead give you a link to Dave's site who is the one running things, you might also notice that Dave's site is one of the new ones I've added to the blog roll here on if it wasn't for ones & if you never been on his blog before then back track it as some of the stuff he's done like his nids landing pad have to be seen to be believed.

I finally got around to something I've been meaning to do for a long time & that was update the blog roll here on if it wasn't for ones as over half the ones I had are only updated once in a blue moon.

As with Dave's blog every one of these are well worth back tracking, but there's is one I've got to give a special note to & the reason for this is that the blog  no longer updates, which may seem strange given the fact that I'm dropping others off the blog roll because they don't update often.

The blog I'm on about is The Tears of Isstvan & if you go on to this site I would recommend that you start at the very first post & work your way foreword, don't worry it won't take you years to go through it but you will be amazed where it all ends.

Talking of ends I'm going to bring this post to one but before I do I'll just as always thank you for dropping in & hope that you might fallow me over my year in the hobby challenge or better still why not join in yourself.


  1. Cheers for the plug Frank, good luck with this seasons hobby goals, whatever they may be. I look forward to seeing your 2014/15 To Do List on the 28th August.

  2. Your welcome Dave, now all I've got to do is draw up a list.