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Monday 25 August 2014

40K NWG Return to Vrak's

With NWG coming up soon & my life is just about to take a change I'm now know 100% that the sisters are not going to be ready for this one.

So what to take ? well to be honest all I want to take is the nicest models I have & have fun & that's where unbound is going to help out, with a little help from chaos of coarse.
After years of all the time in the world it's looking like I'm going to be entering a time in my life where there's not going to be much hobby time, as it's looking like I might be spending time away from home.
Anyway what will be will be & my Vraks army really is an army that should have got a lot more time on the table top battlefields then it did so as they say every cloud has a silver lining.
After a time of having done a lot of hobby stuff I think life stepping in might be a good thing as I sure I was starting to get a dose of hobby burn out, even given the fact that I did lots of different things lately I could feel myself wanting to do anything but hobby stuff.
Sadly all of this is also going to effect this blog & after nearly 2 years of roughly 2 post a week I can see myself been unable to keep up that rate from now on which is a pity as blogging is something I really enjoy.
This Vrak's army is for me my greatest work in this hobby & gave me my proudest moment, while over the years I've gotten many comments on my armies & a couple of best armies this one is my masterpiece.
Well that's it from me & I'm not sure when the next post is going to be, I can't even be sure at this point that I'll even make to NWG this year, but before I go as always my thanks for dropping in.

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