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Saturday 5 July 2014

40K How to rubble bases

A martial that I fine great for using is cork & this time out I going to show you how I make the city based bases I using on my sisters of battle models.

So first off you need a base & some cork a little bigger then the base your using.

The cork I use is for flooring, it's dirt cheap & can be got in lots of places.
Next step is to glue the cork to the base & then shape it.
The one in the picture above has some of the top surface flat the reason I left it so is because I want it to look part of a collapsed wall, to further reinforce this  idea I'm going to add some steel reinforcement bars.

For this I'm going to use a papper clip another thing I fined very useful in this hobby, all you do is dab a bit of glue on one end of the clip & push it into the cork & then nip it off a couple of mm from the cork.
A bit of advice don't leave to much of the clip sticking out.
Another way you can do these bases is to completely rough up the top & then partly cover something.
To paint these things all I do to get a handy base coat on them is spray it black & then spray white straight away.
 The finished base waiting for the sister to be fitted, I pin one of the legs to these bases by the way as I'm not sure how good a bond you get other wise.
I'll finish up by saying thanks for dropping in & please call back soon.

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