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Monday 2 June 2014

40K Tactical objective cards

Tactical objective cards (or from here on toc) is a new way to play games of 40k & one I think every none tournament player will love & most likely from this point on will more often then not play there games this way.

Now don't get me wrong this is not me saying that tournament players won't like them & won't use them & as I already see in a tournament rule pack for 7th that they won't be using them, & while I think it's a pity I can understand why as I don't think anyone would want to lose a tournament based on the cards they got as I told a good friend of mine.

Anyway as you guys know by now tournament play is not what this site is about ( there a lots out there that do that better then I ever would) so we'll move on & look at toc & try to see what it brings to the game.

Well the first thing I noticed as I tried playing a game without the cards is two fold, 1 it's a major pain to try to play the game by rolling dice instead of having the cards so well done GW on not putting out enough packs, 2 is it really changes the way the game plays & what you need to have in your army.

This is not a tactical on me telling you how to play this game that not what I do, but it really does open the game up & makes many units that people don't take usable, you now have to build your army a round many different things not just what can mash the other guys army off the table.

That fact a lone makes toc well worth the afford on GW be half to bring them into the game & yes GW also did this as another way of making money, but ask yourself how hard would it be to make them out of a cereal box if you don't want to hand over a few bob ?

As we all know one of the biggest problems with playing any game can be trying to keep it feeling fresh & let be honest most of our games are the missions right out of the rulebook even though there are many different missions out there we still seem to more often then not play the same ones over & over.

Toc should add a lot of variety to this as depending on what cards you draw the games should play out very differently & for a while at least have us playing sword & shield as we all come up with new ways of trying to do what the cards tell us to do, that will mean using units that maybe we've not used in a long time & that in my mind can only be a good thing.

So I'll finish up by welcoming toc & by thanking you for dropping in & I hope you have a lot of fun with toc, I know I will.


  1. Agree mate. TOC introduces a new dynamic to the game, makes every turn an event and also balances lists in a way nothing yet has been able to. I agree that impossible cards should simply be discarded and swapped if they can never be in play in the game but that is an easy arrangement to make for club play or TOs ;-)