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Friday 6 June 2014

The Prisoner

An odd bit of a post this round, a couple of years back I started writing a story that I could use in a campaign but then as thing do things change & stuff often gets forgotten about.

That was the case with this story I'm going to put the start of here, now there are two reasons for this the first one been that by putting it here on the blog I might start writing the rest of the story.

The second that if I finish it I might still some day use it in a campaign which would be cool, so I'm going to give the open to it & try to update it once a month.

“ To be  ruler of a place such as this is like been a god & prisoner at the same time ” so it was that such a throw away remark would lead to so much destruction.
The two men stood side by side at the window of the over-lord's office to watch the paradise planet
of Juegos come up over the horizon the only one true pleasure on this stinking rock.
When the two men return to their desks to carry out their duties of running this penal moon of Basta,
 over-lord Foley kept hearing his assistance Hertford words in his head it seems the seeds had taken root.

Over the coming weeks as he sat in his office staring out of the window at the planet below all he could think about where Hertford words until months went by & he only seemed to hear one word over & over again prisoner as the planet seemed to mock him through the window.
Zachary Foley had only been on Juegos once for a few hours on his way to Basta but he could still taste the sweetness of it's air on his lips, not like the recycled stale air he's had to breathe here for the
last twenty-two years.
It was unfair he started to tell himself he had committed no crime having to spend every day stuck on this hell hole over-seen the manufacturing of imperial guard uniforms.
He told himself that he deserved better then this that if he had money he could live on Juegos with the
rest of the elite for the system population if only he had money but how to get it.

Then a plan started to form in his mind he had all of this manpower under his commend if he could somehow put it to work making him money he could forefill his dream.

Over the next couple of day he would try to come up with ways of putting a plan together but each one
apparently seeming good to begin with would always come to the same conclusion, that he needed the help of other people.
But who could he turn to although he held the power of life or death over everyone on this rock if word
of what he was attempting to do should get out he would soon find himself amongst the people he was here to rule over but who could he trust.

The first person to come to his mind was his assistance Hertford but he dismissed him almost immediately
Hertford was a product of the system & besides  he wasn't sure that his assistance would see eye to eye
with his ideas no he'd have to look further afield for his man.
Cunning & guile that's what the man he needed had to have, he would have to start paying close attention to the members of his staff.

It didn't take him long to find what he hoped would be the right man, chief security officer Maxima Olsan, Olsan had risen up through the ranks & seemed like a very resourceful man.
So he started keeping a close a watch on Olsan as he could without arisen suspension & although he could not find anything on Oslan the more he watched him the more he became convinced he had the right man.

After deciding that Oslan was indeed his  man the next problem was how to approach him' this he would have to give a lot though to.
Olsan was after all the  chief security officer & in fact could place him under arrest there & then.
There was also Hertford to worry about although not the sharpest blade in the box he would have to be
careful not to arouse his assistance suspicion he would have to go slowly, if only the screaming in his head would stop then he could think.

If you've gotten this far my thanks for dropping in & I hope you enjoyed it.

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