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Tuesday 17 June 2014

40k Ork's & the fine weather

No I haven't taking to playing the green skins though as someone who love to build think they really are an army I would get a lot of fun out of, anyway on with the post.

I've done little or no modelling or playing of any kind of table top war game of late to be honest, now this is down to a couple of things 1 the worldcup is taking place so lts of football on the tv & 2 summer as it does every 10 or so years has come to Ireland.

So that explains one part of the title but whats all this about ork's I hear you say ? well it based on something I read about the up coming ork's codex & it this that Ghazghgull is a Lord of War ( please remember this is just a rumour at this point in time but one I believe to be true ) now that got me thinking as so far apart from the knights only the big apoc units are lords of war.

To see into the further maybe we need to look into the pasted I think about 10,000 years should do it lol, I am of course talking about 30K which seems to be leading the way a lot of things in 40K are going.

You see in 30K you have the Primarchs who are lords of war & as should be very power, now here's the thing what if they decided to bring this type of thing into 40K ? they can't of course use the Primarchs, but what if they where to take certain hero's & make them very powerful ? starting with the famous ork warboss.

With the wolfs or the blood angles more then likely the dex to fallow the ork's what's to stop say the great wolf Logan Grimnar or Dante getting a major power boost & becoming a lord of war ? & as other books get released the likes of the swarm lord & Abaddon making the grade.

If I'm reading this right & Ghazghgull does turn out to be a very powerful lord of war character this will be a big change to the way we play 40K, so I'll be watching the ork dex with interest to see how this all plays out & to see if we'll be playing hero hammer in the not to distance further.

Well that it sorry there's no eye candy for you but hopefully you found it interesting none the less, so thanks for dropping in & I'll leave the finial word to Ghazghgull Waaagh  

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