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Thursday 29 May 2014

40K new ed & new army kind of

So where now in the world of 7th ed 40K for better or for worse only time will tell but I'm liking what I see so far & lets be honest if your not a tournament player which I haven't been in a long time then 7th ed doesn't really give you many problems.

You still have to learn the rules & figure out a few things with maybe the odd fix here & there but over all it should be fun getting use to all these new things, so what better way to get use to them all then to throw a new army into the mix lol.

Now when I say a new army it really is in this case a kind of, I'll explain some years back I built an IG army to bring to an event now this army had lots of FW models & if I honest was not really built for me to use in games & a part from the 5 games in the event the army really hasn't seen much action.

The army was a FW Vark's army so it a chaos guard army & was built on what looked good more then anything else, after that I'd still some model's left & built an other part of a guard army which I used as allies in games from time to time, so as you can see I've never really been a guard player.

With 7th ed I decided what the hell why not give guard a go as my main army & between the two armies I should be able to build an army that I'l be happy with without having to buy a load of new models.

A challenge in 40k is something I need now I feel & while I don't want to go back to been a tournament player I really have got to get over a hang up that has hung a round my neck like a weight for far to long.

I also think it is clear that unit's that where once only part of apoc games are now in 40K like it or not & just like when fliers first entered people at first might not want them but as time goes by they'll become a part of the game, so all in all a lot to look forward to.

So from using the super men of the game to using the most alien race in the game I find myself with the normal joe soap of the game a normal man & his lasgun, may the Emperor protect.

So thanks for dropping in & please call back from time to time to see how I get on in this brave new world of the humble guards man.


  1. Looking forward to being humbled by your humble men mate ;-)

  2. The dudes in the second and sixth images look awesome Frank! Did you kitbash both of them?

  3. Yarrick is a conversion Marc the guy with the flag is from FW, the sabre platforms are made from plastic card with the lascannons from heavy weapons kit.