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Saturday 14 June 2014

40K more Scorpions

After a good while doing all kind of terrain stuff it was time to get back to painting some models, so I decided I start back on the red scorpions which as I'm playing IG as my main 7th ed army was probably not what I should have done but what ever.

This time round it part of a dev squad now the reason for it only been part as in 8 of them is I'm undecided on if I should go all the same heavy weapons or no, now I know from my tournament playing day's that you really should kit them out with all the same heavy weapons but I not sure that how I want to do it.

So as it stands I've got a serg 2 guys with plasma cannons & 5 gunts, I've also got a lot of other stuff for this army well advanced but that for other posts, now as I've said above I'm playing IG as my main army this time round but if I'm honest I'm really a marine player at hart & as this army grows the harder I'll most likely find it not to start playing it but for now I'll just have to be happy putting it together & painting it.

 The serg just like the rest of them in this army can swap out his weapon which is some thing I'm really happy I've done with them all.

Thanks for dropping in & if you keep an eye on the blog I'm sure you'll see these guys in action sooner or later.

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