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Friday 4 April 2014

INQ28 Panama Jack part 1

Born on the forgeworld of Sygies VIII Jack Lamb was the second son of a family of two boys & three girls, been born into a common family meant that by the age of eight Jack was at work in one of the many manufactorums a long side his brother Bred who was 1 year his elder.

One day nearing the end winter just a month shy of Jacks 15th birthday, as the boys where returning home at the end of their 12 hour shift they took a short cut home a cross the frozen slurry canal as was their way, only for the ice under Brad's feet to give way.

By the time help was raised & the boy was retrieved from the oil & greasy slime it was to late & Bred was pronounced dead at the seen, leaving Jack to be brought home by a local administrating worker to give the bad news to his mother & sisters as their father was still at work at the time.

A week later while at work Jack spotted his brother across the factory floor, thinking that this must be some kind of miracle from the god Emperor himself Jack dropped what he was doing & rushed over to his brother joyfully calling out Brad Brad.

Oh but his horror when at last he reached his brother & looked into his dead cold mechanical eyes, for this was a forgeworld & the Mechanicus didn't believe in wasting any resources no matter the kind & so after the boys body had been removed from the seen of the accident set about injecting preservation fluids into his body & replacing organs with  augmentation parts.

Knowing that he couldn't live out the rest of his life seen his beloved brother day after day in this zombie living form, Jack decided that he would have to somehow get off Sygies VIII.
Always a resourceful lad quickly formed a plan as to how he might archive this, with cargo ships always coming & going bring in supplies & collecting finished products to be delivered the lent & breath of empire, there was always ships at anchorage in the space docks high above the moon that was Sygies VIII.

His plan was as simple as it was brilliant, Jack would head down to taverns & clubs that had sprung up around the space lifts find a crew returning to their ship mingle in with them & so hopefully be able to get on to the lift unnoticed. once on the docks he would find a ship to stowaway on.

The first part of the plan went with out a hitch & Jack soon found himself looking down on the world he had called home, but he'd have to move fast now for a young lad wondering around on his own up here would soon draw attention, which is exactly what happened he'd have to get on board a ship fast & then hide, one caught his eye straight away a sleek, elegant ship that as luck would have it was in the possess of having it cargo loaded.

Diving in among the massive crates & containers Jack found one he could open the door on & slipped inside, there was nothing he could do now but wait, as he felt the container he was in start to move he said a prayer to the ships machine spirit.

Thanks for dropping in & keep an eye on the blog for part 2


  1. Love it, when is the next episode?

  2. When I've got him painted mate, glad you enjoyed it.