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Sunday 27 April 2014


Were going to be having a little killteam league in the club over the coming weeks, for which we've gotten 10 players to sign up, now as the dice would have it this has lead to me playing my son inlaw in the first round of match's.

Anyway here's the draw & the missions to be played & if you haven't tryed out killteam yet you really should as its good fun.

Missions 3 & 6 are to both be played once.

Stephen V Dwane

Jamie aka Mr Lazy V John aka Mr Slow

Roman V John

Frank V Ralph aka no good son inlaw

Ger V Alan

So thanks for dropping in & keep an eye on if it wasn't for ones over the next while for updates, below are a list of the teams.

Frank's list

Worrior brood 90pts 3 deathspitters 15pts total 105pts
Termagant brood 40pts 7 extra gants 28pts 6 devourrers 24pts
total 92pts

Warrior eternal warrior
Warrior rending
Warrior feel no pain
Army total i97pts.

Dark Angels,
Tactical Squad
(Vet sergeant, w/ plasma pistol, boltgun, chainsword, meltabomb. Marine w/ Plasma Cannon & Relentless . 6xStandard Marines one with Feel No Pain & one with Infiltrate
) 133 points

Ravenwing Support Squadron
Landspeeder Tornado (2 Heavy Bolters) 60 pts.
Total 193

Dark Angels.
Tactical squad,
70 points,
5 additional space marines 70 point,
Meltagun 10 point, Ignores Cover
heavy bolter 10 points, Relentless.
Veteran sargent melta bombs 5 point,Hammer of Wrath
Rhino 35 points.
Total 200.

No good son inlaw
Emperor’s ire: Black Templars: Total 200

Crusader Squad: (5*14+15+10+10=105)
Initiate1 Boltgun & Bolt Pistol - Leader Brother Gerhart
Initiate2 Plasmagun & Bolt Pistol - Guerrilla Specialist Preferred Enemy
Initiate3 Heavy Bolter & Bolt Pistol - Weapon Specialist Rending
Initiate4 Boltgun & Bolt Pistol
Initiate5 Boltgun & Bolt Pistol
Neophyte1 Boltgun & Bolt Pistol

Scout Squad : (6*11+2*1+15+6*2=95)
Scout1 Sergeant Boltgun & Bolt Pistol & Camo Cloak
Scout2 Boltgun & Bolt Pistol & Camo Cloak
Scout3 Boltgun & Bolt Pistol & Camo Cloak
Scout4 Missile Launcher & Bolt Pistol & Camo Cloak - Indominatable Specialist Relentless
Scout5 Sniper Rifle & Bolt Pistol & Camo Cloak
Scout6 Sniper Rifle & Bolt Pistol & Camo Cloak
Kill Team as follows:
IG Veteran Squad (60)
Autocannon (10) - Mastercrafted (Weapon Specialist)
Plasma Gun (15) - Preferred Enemy (Guerilla Specialist)
Meltagun (10)
Sergeant has Fearless (Indomitable Specialist)

Militarum Tempestus Scion Squad (70)
Tempestor is Leader

Scout Sentinel (35)
6 damned legionaires (space marine codex) 150
Plasma gun 15
Plasma cannon 15
Combi-plasma 10
Melta bomb 5
Auspex 5

Total: 200p

Mr Slow

Harald Deathwolf’s Hunters: Space Wolves: Total 200

Lone Wolf (20)
Finn – Unhelmed Axe Hunter - Leader

Geir – Wulfen Hunter – Dirty Fighter Specialist Shred
Hæfnir– Plasma Hunter – Guerilla Specialist Preferred Enemy
Iarl – Bolter Hunter
Johan – Chainsword Hunter – Specialist Feel No Pain
Karl – Sword Hunter

Fenrisian Wolves : (10*8=80)
Freki – Golden Wolf (Finn’s Wolf)
Geri – Silver Wolf (Geir's Wolf)
Haki –Leaping Wolf (Hæfnir's Wolf)
Iuli – Turning Wolf (Iarl's Wolf)
Jabari – Howling Wolf (Johan's Wolf)
Kraki – Crouching Wolf (Karl's Wolf)
Lini – Lone Wolf
Manni – Lone Wolf
Nasi – Lone Wolf
Ragi – Lone Wolf

Jamie aka Mr Lazy

+ kill team (200pts) +++
+++ 200pt Chaos Space Marines 6th Ed (2012) by SN Roster (Primary Detachment)) +++


Chaos Space Marines 6th Ed (2012) by SN (Primary Detachment) Selections:

+ Troops + (200pts)

* Chaos Cultists (55pts)
(Champion of Chaos)
Champion's upgrade (10pts), Heavy stubber (5pts), 10x Squad models (champion included) (40pts)

* Chosen (Troops) (145pts)
4x Chosen (72pts), Heavy bolter (10pts), Replace boltgun w/ Flamer (5pts), Replace boltgun w/
Plasma gun (15pts), Veterans of the Long War (10pts)
* Chosen Champion (33pts)
(Champion of Chaos)
Bolt Pistol, Close Combat Weapon, Gift of mutation (10pts), Melta Bomb (5pts)

Cultist champ: Dirty trick=flesh bane
Chosen plasma guner: Shooting traits Ignores cover
Chosen flamer: Shooting: rending

Kill team list.
30 Ork boyz 180 pts
2 big shootas 10 pts
Nob 10 pts


Space wolves.
lone wolf, storm shield, wolf claw, 2x fenresian wolves. 90 points

grey hunters x5. Plasma gun, power axe, wolf banner. 110 points

plasma gun guy- preferred enemy
Power axe guy- hatred
Banner guy- flesh bane


  1. Should you really expect to get two matches played between "Mr Lazy" and "Mr Slow"?

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    1. Thats why they have two weeks to play the games Lenny lol