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Monday 7 April 2014

CQLG Airbase Finished

Got the last of this finished up a few days back so time to set it all up & have a look at it.

Over all I'm happy with how this has turned out, as it was my only second time doing this kind of thing & it was a long time ago I did the first one,also I'd never worked with cork before.

Now as I've said many time before I think getting a certain feel from a game is very important & terrain really helps in this way every bit as much as the models do & that true whether your playing with a few model a side or a big army each.

So with one project out of the way I can move on with another but the terrain I've built for this one will find a place in many of the ones to come but that's jumping a head of myself a little.
In setting it up I added some scatter terrain & a couple of models to add to the effect.

I also add a stairs the control building you can see in the upper right hand corner of the picture above.
Now for someone like me doing this kind of thing is simple but I understand that that wouldn't be the case for everyone so here's a link to a handy way of doing stairs.
So what did I learn from this project ? well for a start I learned that cork is a great material to work with & here's a couple of seasons why.
1) its cheap & easy to get.
2) like form card its light & easy to work with, but its more durable then form card & I think it offers more in the kind of finish you can get (but more on that another day.
3) That building a complete table worth of terrain means you don't just end up with a little bit of this type & a little that terrain.
I'll just finish up by saying how much I enjoyed doing this & look forward to getting to use it in games, I'll stick all the pictures I took down below some of the above will be repeated because its easier for me to do it that way.

So thanks for dropping in I hope you enjoyed it & please call back again.


  1. Not bad. Any chance of make 12 more for nwg :)

  2. Thanks Darra, as for making that many for NWG time could be a bit of a problem.

  3. Very nice. The barrack houses are nifty, where are they from?

  4. Thanks Dave, apart from the gw landing pad everything else is scratch built. heres's alink to the site I got the idea from.

  5. Amazing work Mr. Frank...would be amazing to assault this with a tau stealth cadre :)

  6. Thanks Paul, I will admit IA 3 played a small part in the idea of it.