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Thursday 10 April 2014

The last space crusade

Last Saturday was table top gaming day so I head for the shack with Paddy ridding shotgun for a day of fun & games.

So after a little chat with some people it was time to get down to gaming & first up for me was the game that started me down the road that is this wonderful hobby space crusade

This was my first contact with GW's 40K universe & is a game that will for ever have a special place in my hart, when Nigel had it all set up & I placed my 5 marines in their little docking bay I got that same buzz I use to get all those years ago.

With Nigel taking on the GM type roll, Paddy the blood angles, Ross the ultramarines & me running the imperial fists it was time to step on board.

Space crusade didn't disappoint & it was still the fast paced game that I remembered & had told Paddy about many a time, high light of the game ? playing this game again, extra high light of the game getting in to a spot where I could take out one of Nigel's chaos space & two of Paddies blood angles with him lol the evil that man do.

The game ended with both Ross & myself  with one marine left on the table & all the bad guys dead as well as poor Paddies blood angles & Nigel telling us he'd won but how your meant to win when you've no models left I don't know so I'm giving the win to Ross.

Next up was a demo game of infinity this one was Paddy & myself facing off on Shane's wonderful table using in his lovely models, now infinity is a game that I don't feel a demo does justice to as there is a lot of deep in it that players that don't know how to play won't get to see.

None the least it was still a very enjoyable game & tbh I'd a little advantage as I'd had a demo game before at last years NWG, Paddy & myself went blow for blow until we both only one model each left, luckily for me the one I had left was better then his so I set off & hunted him down.

Paddy had been on a bit of a roll & had gotten the upper hand in your games of late so a bit of pay back was nice.

Next we tried out a game called elder signs a very simple game to learn but good fun to play none the less with I think about 6 players in the first game we save the world just in the nick of time & like I said this game was so easy to learn that I ran the second one myself with of course Paddies help.

Other games that was on offer that day where flames of war, warhammer, warmachine & xwing to name but a few & a great day out it was, I'll be back for the next one.

I'll finish up by thanking all that I played & no Nigel once again you didn't win space crusade but thanks for making it a great day & my thanks to you for dropping in.


  1. Great fun Frank, and it was nice to beat you at Space Crusade too.

  2. Unlike in xwing I take it Nigel.

  3. I remember seeing these Space Crusade miniatures on Ebay ages ago, they look awesome. And I didn't know that game had Necrons!

  4. You learn something new every day Marc lol they wheren't call necrons in the game but hell yes that what they were.

  5. Apparently they were called Androids? Sounds cool!