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Monday 21 April 2014

40K Escalation Fun

So last week I got in my first game of escalation & I've got to say I enjoyed it a lot, now I think escalation has gotten a lot of bad press & if you believed the net then it has titans ready to jump out at you at every hands turn.

On the the day of the game I sent Jamie a mail asking him how he felt about facing something big & wonderful in an escalation game & being the good sport that he is his answer was yes, now I know I don't have to ask but its nice to.

The list, now the model I wanted to build this list a round was none other then An'ggrath the unbound, now I know from using this model in many an apoc game that it's a very powerful model, but at 888pts well it should be.

Anyway as I was using one model I haven't used in a while I decided to throw in a few more that I also haven't used in a while, so in went the blood slaughterer of khone & the spined beast, but as this was going to be an army of the blood god I used the spined beast as Gorefeaster & for a bit of air support I added in my hellblade as my plan was to have Au'ggrath on the ground killing things.

Now to make up the rest of this list, well a dark apostle would be a good place to start with plenty of cultists with the mok needlessly to say, well if your going to be being daemons in to the world this are a good way to do it, some blood letters & a herald & the job was complete.

I was happy with this list as it was nice & fluffy & should make for a fun game, & with little or no shooting power in my army I was going to have to get stuck in (oh happy days), Jamie was also running chaos in the form of the BL & a couple of dreads & defilers a landraider, cultists, chosen & some termi's & not to be forgotten a hellbird.

Now one of the balancing things about escalation is that there's a couple of missions at the back of the book & your opponent gets to pick which one they want to play, Jamie picked the one that he got a point for very wound he put on Au'ggrath & I got a point for every wound he had left at the end of the game.

After a couple of hours of slaughterer we came to the end of round five with Jamie a head but with only  an ac falling back, & a cowardly (smart) sorcerer that had gone to hide in the landraider & with the score 6 v 5 to Jamie I needed the game to go on & table him to win it.

Jamie's turn 6 & he open ens up on Au'ggrath with the landraider put on 2w with the heavy bolter & one with a lasannon, with 6w already gone this could be the end for him, I roll my 2+ armour save first & fail 1 now I'm down to 1w with a 3++ save & I roll a 2, aaaggghhh Au'ggrath goes back into the warp for another 10,000 years, I play out my turn 6 with no way of winning the game I might as well try to kill the falling back ac, but no I could not even do this little thing & the game ends.

Using Au'ggrath again was great fun & he killed most of Jamie's army on his own, as it should be for a lord of khone, its been a long time since I ran an army of the blood god & had all but forgotten how much fun it is win lose or draw.
If you sell your soul to the devil then don't be surprised if he comes to collect it.

So well done to Jamie & my thanks for been such a good sport & my thanks to you for dropping in & please call back soon.


  1. The game beside your game looks awesome Frank. It really needed more coverage IMHO.

  2. Your more then welcome to do a guest post on it here at anytime Nigel.

  3. Couldn't agree with you more Marc

  4. Then where's your offer to the blood god?!

    I killed three people on the bus to work today...

  5. lol I can't say I killed someone as theres a family mamber in the garda.