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Thursday 27 March 2014

Making Characters models that fit the bill.

Something I love is when I get a model right, let me explain in 40k I was never one for buying a named character model preferring if I was going to use one to make my own not that I ever used that many to begin with.
When I was looking for an ab human bounty hunter Toco came to minded.

Now when it comes to model of character there are 3 ways I think we go about this.
1) Is we take a character that already exists & build a model for him.
2) We take a model that already exists & invent a character for it.
3) My favourite is when I create a character & then build a model for it.
Mad Willy I would see as like the type of character that Walter Brannon might have played in the movies.

While in 40k you might do this type of think from time to time, Vulken was one of these in 40k for me I'd built mind long before GW put theirs out which was imo a terrible model.
When my son won the oop relic blade in a GW shop Vulkan was born.

Like I said in 40k you would likely do this type of thing from time to time, in a game like INQ28 you could do this quite a lot & that is something I've developed a liking for.
Bror von Blixen-Finecke I only add a hat & a cape but he just captured that rich big game hunter image I had in my head.

It matters not if I'll ever use these models or not, just the trill of thinking them up & then making up a model for them is something that really rocks my boat & is very pleasing when you get it right.
Fresh off the plate Alax will add a woman's touch to my warband.

Don't get me wrong every model I make up is not done like above, like most people I just make models most of the time, but in a game where you've models everyone of them has a chance of becoming a character even if it's years later, as was the case with one of my beastmen.
I've 20 of these beastmen but this one just seemed to fit the bill for Ugo-Cal

The other side of the coin to the beastman (Ugo) was the character Aire Shoebridge who I had invent a long time ago but only built a model of  recently, as you see the model in your minds eye you go to the bits box (or as in my case box's) & route around till you find the right ones & put them all together.
 Aire was use in a lead up to an apoc game years before he was a model.

This can range from finding a model & doing very little with it to using parts from many different model, the only important thing is that when you've got the model finished it captures that little something about the character that just feels right.
Panama Jack another model that need little work to look right.

Having big armies doing battle on the table is great fun but I'm finding that more & more these days that these odd ball characters are doing more for me.
Gnut's a real case of all kinds of everything.

I think that's one of the joys of a game like INQ28 is the amount of freedom it give you as a modeller.
you just have to let your mind run free & fallow where it leads you & there really is no right or wrong way of doing things.

Chief security officer Olsan someone I made up for a story I was writing to use for a campaign.
Well that's a enough of waffling out of me so thanks for dropping in & please call back again.


  1. Very nice. You know as soon as a model is finished being painted he has a 90% chance of being killed in his next game :)

  2. Ta Darra but your out by 10% lol